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United Airlines Essay

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United Airlines
United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States and worldwide. Also, it is ranked as the oldest commercial airline that was founded by Walter Varney. United Airlines started as an Air Mail Service and then extended its services to be an Air Carrier. In 1927, William Boeing started his own airline, Boeing Air Transport, and started buying any other air mail companies, which included the Varney’s Air Mail Company. After a while, Boeing started manufacturing aircraft and parts, which allowed him to extend his company to a bigger organization. Also, within Boeing’s company, he bought several airports to expand his organization. In 1929, Boeing’s company ...view middle of the document...

Early days of United Airlines were just connecting routes for mails between New York, Chicago, Salt Lake, and San Francisco as long as some areas around the United States. During these transactional flights, United Airlines created main hubs for their operations and these hubs remained the primary hubs for the airlines until today. Some of these hubs that remained are: San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Denver.
“During World War II, United, like many other airlines served the war effort. Beginning in May 1942, it began service to Alaska and across the Pacific Ocean. During the war, the airline transported almost 200,000 tons of men and materials over 21 million miles. At the time, United's fleet consisted of a mix of Douglas DC-3 and Boeing 247 aircraft.” (Century of Flight)
During World War Two, United Airlines trained pilots on small airplanes that used as bombers. Also, they used their airplanes to transport passengers and carry mails. During these times, the development of the aviation industry started to grow even bigger, which helped United Airlines to expand their fleet and buy more aircrafts.
One great feature, which gave the airlines a great reputation, is that it is the first airline in the United States to carry the president on board its aircraft and called Executive One. Also, United Airlines specialized two of its aircrafts for the president transportation, which gave it the ability to extend its reputation and raised its income.
After a while, United Airlines started looking for an overseas flight, which will allow it to be the first airlines to fly overseas. However, their request was denied and they did not get to fly overseas until 1983. The routes were out of Seattle and Portland to Tokyo. Moreover, United Airlines bought Pan Am to help expand their fleet and operations.
United Airlines was the first cargo airlines in the American aviation history. The business of cargo investment started on 1940’s by flying shipment over New York and Chicago.
“United was dealt a temporary blow when all DC-6 aircraft had to be grounded as a result of a fatal crash in 1947, but business improved when an airline known as Western Airlines decided to sell a key route to United that allowed United to begin service on the important New York-Chicago-Los Angeles route on July 17, 1947. Into the 1950s, United used a mixed fleet of Douglas DC-6B, DC-7, and Convair CV-240 aircraft.” (Century of Flight)
United Airlines was remained the most dominant airlines in the United States in the course of 1970’s, but it didn’t continue its powerful services because of the fuel coasts, interest rate, and recession that made United to cancel the orders of the new aircrafts. During the terrible bankruptcy in 1980’s and 1990’s, United kept holding its position on airline industry. .
Bill Patterson was the leader of United Airlines from 1933 until 1963, and he was the chairman of the airlines until 1966. When Patterson left the...

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