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United States' Diplomatic Tactics Essay

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United States' Diplomatic Tactics

The United States uses force only after all other venues toward peace had been constituted. For example In the Spanish-American war propaganda was used to turn people against the so called "Yankee's" and American manifest destiny. The sinking of the Maine was definitely a catalyst toward war it always took loss of life for American to be drawn into war. The revolutionary war of course we wanted our freedom the Civil war we wanted freedom from slavery with the Spanish American war we were yet again drawn into war.
World War One how did we become involved in this war well it starts with diplomacy and rivalry as well as increasing hostility between nations. ...view middle of the document...

In this announcement North Korea claimed ROK forces on the Ongjin Peninsula attacked North Korea in the Haeju area (west) and their declaration of war was in response to this attack. This claim was bogus.U.S. President Harry S. Truman was notified of the invasion and returned from his home in Independence, Missouri, to Washington, D.C., arriving in early afternoon. Meanwhile the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution calling for the immediate cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of North Korean forces to north of the 38th Parallel.
June 26, 1950
Uijongbu falls to North Korean forces. South Korean government - President Syngman Rhee and cabinet - leave Seoul for Taejon.
President Truman meets with State Department and Defense Department officials. He authorizes General Douglas MacArthur to:
(1) send ammunition and equipment to prevent the loss of Seoul,
(2) provide ships and aircraft to evacuate American citizens, plus Air Force fighters and Navy ships to protect the evacuation, and
(3) send a survey party to Korea to study the situation and determine how best to help the ROK government and military. Later in the day President Truman expanded his instructions by ordering General MacArthur to use Air Force aircraft and Navy ships against all North Korean military targets south the 38th Parallel. General MacArthur issues an "alert order" telling all combat units in the Far East to prepare for possible deployment to Korea.
World war two was of course a very easy war to understand why we joined the war from Propaganda to Pearl Harbor and the fact that this war had become a war of Good versus Evil. The holocaust was no doubt proof of that. " In my own mind, my convictions regarding international cooperation and collective security for peace took firm hold on the afternoon of the Pearl Harbor attack. That day isolationism ended for any realist." Senator Arthur Vandenberg (R., Mich) (pg 147, McDougall) this statement absolutely epitomizes the American position in world affairs since WWII.
The cold war yet again to keep communism at a minimal level The Vietnam war was of course to contain communism to a minimal level. "The White House regarded Vietnam as the "main show," not a potential quagmire but a "more solid instrument for settling" the ongoing battle between the Free World and the Communists." (pg 39, Jones) "The Vietnam policy of President Kennedy was complex and deeply ironic. He was a hostage of the Cold War, a captive of history's so called lessons, an advocate of the domino theory, and an avid proponent of intervention in the name of freedom" ( pg456, Jones) Kennedy diplomacy was no doubt a repercussion of the Cold War and a need for sure footing before any deals were made was essential however...

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