United States Vs South Africa Healthcare

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In our world each country has a set of standards to follow in order to establish health care insurance for people in different communities. The state contributes about 40% of all the expenditures on health while the public health sector delivers 80% of the population. Many resources are concentrated in the private health sector. These resources see to the health needs of the remaining 20% of the population. Public health consumes around 11% of the government’s total budget. The way the resources are allotted, and the standard of health care delivered, varies from country to country. Although there are similarities between South Africa and the United States ...view middle of the document...

Public hospitals share their specialist with the private sector while the private sector will only share a few of their physicians with the public sector.

The health sector in South Africa is beginning to show signs of improvement because the quality of hospitals and the availability of qualified doctors have dramatically improved over the last couple of years. They have transformed from traditional medicine to a modern day well-structured healthcare system. South Africa is beginning to meet the goals for the growing demand for quality services for their people. There are opportunities for the supply of a wide range of hospital equipment, instruments, machinery, and allied medical products. The government is showing effort in the public and private sector in South Africa by dedicating their time to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for the general population of South Africa.
South Africa and the U.S. have similarities in healthcare. The advance of medicine in both countries has led to great discoveries and surgeries in both countries. For instance in 1967 South African doctors performed the world’s first heart transplant. Just like in the US, South Africa has developed a country without national health insurance. Instead of consumer driven plans with medical savings accounts, which are equal to health savings accounts in the US, are held over by half of South Africans with private healthcare. Private health care there covers almost 15% of the population, including almost high income South Africans, regardless of race. Other patients are forced to rely on the underfunded public sector.

The US and South Africa are both in a health care reform. The difference between the two is that the US is a “rich nation” whereas South Africa is poor by comparison. We often think of ourselves as individuals, meaning we are separate from each other, but we are connected and a lot of what we do affects the world. The health care should be seen as a global issue as important as global warming. The consequences of the US healthcare will echo through the world. Both of the countries have relatively poor measures of health status for their levels of economic development and both have large and advanced private sectors. Theses similarities are associated with rapidly rising cost and large, underserved populations. It is also important to recognize the significant differences between the United States and South Africa. South Africa is also less developed and has fewer resources than the US. South Africa has a large private sector that is balanced to absorb management technology pioneered in the United States.
There is a move from a noncompetitive insurance environment to a competitive one because the competition was not by hospitals to provide the best and cheapest care, but rather among the...

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