Unity In Our Disparity; Advancing Diversity Through The Recruitment, Selection And Maintenance Of Heterogeneous Employees

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Assignment Question: "Today’s workplace has become increasingly diverse in terms of gender, age, culture, and ethnicity. In light of this, why and how can organisations attract, select, and retain culturally and demographically diverse employees?”

Unity In Our Disparity; advancing diversity through the recruitment, selection and maintenance of heterogeneous employees.

1. Introduction
2.1. As a result of the explosion of globalisation of multinational corporations and the migration of citizens across international borders, firms of the 21st century have workforces that are distributed broadly across countries that include people from varied cultures, speaking numerous ...view middle of the document...

Increasing diversity in the workforce appears to be ‘an inevitable outcome of demographic, economic, legislative, and social changes’ (Doherty et al. 2010, 1). To survive and flourish in an increasingly heterogeneous society, firms must capaitalise on employee diversity as a source of strategic advantage. This reality holds important implications for organisational decision makers, human resource management (HRM) practitioners, and corporate policies and practices. This article hopes to build upon previous research by suggesting characteristics that corporations can adopt and implement to improve their diversity culture. There are several dimensions of diversity and the arguments put forth in this paper can be applied, in principle, to all of them. However, considering the current trend towards globalisation, there will be a distinct cultural and minority theme underlying this study.

2. Diversity Defined
3.3. Diversity has become a term widely recognised and celebrated by academics, policy-makers, organisations and the general public. However, diversity is complex and it is difficult to concisely define the concept as it embraces many dimensions with different meanings and contexts (Point & Singh 2003). Diversity has expanded to now encompass heterogeneity in a wide range of dimensions, not just racial composition, as was originally intended when the term came into common use (Edelman et al., 2001). With respect to workforce management, there are frequently two meanings referred to, one regarding the numerical composition, and the other addressing inclusive behaviour (Rosenzweig, 1998).
3.4. The numerical composition characterises diversity primarily with respect to differences in age, gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation and handicap (Legnick-Hall et al. 2008; Schwind et al. 2007). In addition to this, there are also fluid dimensions, such as a person’s education, religious beliefs, work experience and parental status, which vary in degree of visibility (Litvin 1997). However, the numerical composition is one facet of diversity. Rosenzweig (1998) suggests that the second element of diversity includes an attitude that respects individual differences, values all employees, and fosters an environment where all employees can succeed.
3.5. It is imperative that companies have a clear working definition of diversity in their particular context in order to target appropriate interventions and monitor progress (Singh 2002). Without a specific delineation of what the concept means in particular contexts, there is a risk that people may construe diversity in a manner consistent with their own social motivations.

3. Diversity as an Asset
4.6. Organisations devote a significant amount of resources to encourage and support this idea of heterogeneity in a wide range of demographic dimensions. Certainly there are issues of legal compliance, in addition to the aspect of social morality and...

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