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Universal Meaning Of Love Essay

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Ever since humankind has evolved into the current form, made up of conscious, emotional, and intelligent beings, we have been searching for the universal answer of what exactly it is to love. Throughout the course of history many civilizations have had their own theories and assumptions. Some being completely different from each other while others being quite similar. To the dismay of most of the world though, there has yet to be a universally accepted definition or understanding of what it means exactly to love. With examples and theories as well as assumptions borrowed from a few different kinds of cultures there will hopefully be a breakthrough to make this very complicated subject of ...view middle of the document...

Love for a deity, which is shown in people of the clergy, who choose to do God’s will. Or even love for the universe, as shown in “The Bodhisattva’s Infinite Compassion”.
The form of love that engulfs a persons entire life can be seen in “The Bodhisattva’s Infinite Compassion” in which it is seen in great detail of how it’s better that they themselves (the Bodhisattva) take on the “pain” of the world, so that the rest of the world is able to live without suffering. In turn the Bodhisattva, wanted to obtain all-knowledge, but only for “the purpose of setting free the entire world of beings.”# The main idea that the Bodhisattva’s were trying to get across is their infinite compassion or “love” that they had for the entire universe. An example of the infinite compassion that the Bodhisattva’s had for the world is seen when the author stated, “I have made the vow to save all beings. All beings I must set free. The whole world of living beings I must rescue, from the terrors of birth, of old age, of sickness, of death and rebirth, of all kinds of moral offence, of all states of woe, of the whole cycle of birth-and-death.”# As this quote fully shows, this love that the Bodhisattva’s had completely engulfs everything that they are as an individual. The love that they had for all of the world’s beings urged them to take on everything that was holding them back, thus putting those holds on themselves.
Although this document explained the “love” between the Bodhisattva’s and the rest of the world, this relationship could be somewhat compared to that of a loving human relationship. For in most human relationships the same kind of infinite love is talked about, but in a way that relates to us more. For example when the Bodhisattva’s talked about taking on the world’s suffering so that all beings would be set free from “all the states of woe that may be found in any world system whatsoever”#, that is relatable to when a man, for example, takes a woman to be his wife and swears to take care of her needs no matter what the circumstance. It is also the same when any two people come together from being in love, for when two people are in love they have the thought in their minds that they would do anything for that other person, commonly said as “ I would take a bullet for you.”
The fact that the Bodhisattva’s had this kind of love towards the world, that many would think is reserved for a human relationship can be viewed as strange by some, but when taking a deeper look at the situation, it is actually quite normal. For example, when the Bodhisattva’s talked about essentially saving the world from the woes of the world itself by having the all knowing knowledge, what they were also saying was by taking the world’s pain and sorrow, they were gaining all-knowledge (exactly what they had a eye out for “winning”) , so really although the Bodhisattva’s did not wish to...

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