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Odalis Garcia Mrs.Medina 2nd pd. Save Unwind from the FlamesSet in a dystopian society where the war over abortion has come to the conclusion with The Bill of Life, which does not allow any child to be touched from the moment of conception till the age of thirteen. Between thirteen and eighteen, teenagers can be killed unwound for their body parts for those who are in need of them. A medical breakthrough allows the entire use of the body, which has society convinced that unwinds are not killed, but live on in a separated state. The story follows three teens, Connor, Risa and Lev, who are from different backgrounds and who are all consigned to this fate. Throughout their journey they change their attitudes ...view middle of the document...

Instead of ending the life of someone before they ever experienced it, donate the teen for transplants. By doing so, everyone benefits. The parents still technically abort their child, the child got to leave at least 13 years of their life, and those in need of a transplant get what they need.The most common action in Unwind is violence. Many people argue that the violence is too intense for young readers and it may influence them. But most of the readers are between the ages of 15 and 18 meaning they know right from wrong and the difference from fantasy and reality. The violence is included to simply make a point. It's acceptable in an action packed book and in the science fiction genre.For being portrayed negatively, many adults dislike this book and would choose to put on the firemen's book burn list. The parents willing send their children away on a whim, and very few fight for the teens' rights. But in defense of the book, the adults are the ones who control the government and regulate the laws that control the lives if the unwinds. Due to this, the teens trying escape their fate have no choice but to rebel against the adults and the government. This serves as motivation to teens in the real world that they can make a difference, only they can choose their fate. They truly have a voice and deserve to be heard.Unwind was written for entertainment with a setting and story in a possible, near future. Teens love the book but adults have begun to read too much onto the book, and are becoming afraid that science fiction can become reality. This book should be saved from the book ban list and be enjoyed like it was meant to.

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