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Exploring Adolescent Pregnancy Issues in Peckham London Borough of Southwark.


Adolescent pregnancy issues are a growing problem in England. Adolescent mothers are very much likely to face challenges of social exclusion arising from their circumstance. Their babies are more likely to suffer health challenges that may lead to poor health and premature death . It is therefore not surprising that health and social care providers pay particular attention to addressing the level of adolescent pregnancy trends, in other to improve the quality of life of young people.

This report would attempt to conceptualise adolescent pregnancy issues as an urban health problem ...view middle of the document...

According to an estimated data sourced through QPZM Local Stats UK (2012), the population of Peckham was 14,720, comprising approximately 51% females and 49% males. The average age of people residing in Peckham is said to be about 32 years whilst the median age of the residents is lower than 30. 51% of people residing in Peckham were born in England.

The Table1.1 below shows the nationality composition of residents in Peckham as at 2012.

|Country of Origin |Percentage of residents nationality Composition |
|England |51.0% |
|Nigeria |11.3% |
|Jamaica |3.50% |
|South America |3.40% |
|Ghana |2.70% |
|Somalia |1.00% |
|Ireland ...

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