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Urban Planning Essay

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1.0-Thesis statement
Urban planning is the political and technical process focused on utilization of urban land and designing of urban environment in ensuring and guiding the orderly development of communities and settlements (Levy, 2011). The entire urban planning process entails analysis and research, architecture, public consultation strategic thinking, urban design, policy recommendation, management and plans/policy implementation. One of the most notable aspect urban planning covers the housing planning and transportation planning. With increasing need for sustainable development in the urban, diverse policies are adopted by region, community, or State in ensuring effective urban ...view middle of the document...

U.S. Scholarship, Planning, and Policy Since 1968: An introduction to the Special Issue. Journal of the American Planning Association, 74 (1), 5-16.
Galster (2008) offer cross-dimensional analysis between the applied and academe policymaking and planning on housing. The author focuses on 40 years of interchanges between the two fields in availing rich historical context to inform housing policymakers’ decisions going forward. This source will not only offer historical aspect between applied and academe on housing planning, but also offer specific program recommendations on promotional of sustainable housing, and continued federal government funding role.
Goetz, E. (2012). The transformation of public housing policy, 1985-2011. Journal of the American Planning Association, 78 (4), 452- 463.
The author traces back to 25 years in analyzing the implications that policymaking by local authorities in the U.S. has had on housing planning, particularly housing for different income-level households. The source will offer both primary as well as secondary data in evaluating the adoption of modern design principles and urban planning, and the shift towards redevelopment and demolition quite different from original housing model that has been in existence for six decades. The changing household landscape will inform the study’s recommendation on appropriate homeownership planning by the municipals.
Levy, J.M. (2011). Contemporary urban planning (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall Press.
This book offers a comprehensive examination of the political, historic, legal, environmental, and economic factors affecting the U.S. urban planning. Also, the author examines the very pressing and realistic issues influencing the development of housing and transportation sector in the U.S. The book will support the study with information on how federal government responds in supporting urban planning and recovery procedures following economic downturn periods including home foreclosures and subprime mortgage. Also, the book will document crucial information on effectiveness of federal funding on public transportation, and how urban planning meets new ‘green’ building standards across the U.S. cities.
Lindell, M., & Meier, M. (1994). Planning effectiveness: Effectiveness of community planning. American Planning Association. Journal of the American Planning Association, 60 (2), 222- 236.
Lindell and Meier (1994) examine the concept of community’s emergency preparedness in relation to transportation and housing planning endeavors across cities. The authors ascertain key policy issues on evacuation or emergency preparedness, and hazardous waste management that ought to be observed when designing transportation infrastructure or housing plans. This source will offer important details on effective approaches that the U.S. urban planners ought to use in catering for hazardous wastes, and averting dire consequences from chemical...

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