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Urbs 380 Midterm Study Guide Essay

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URBS 380 Midterm Study Guide:

For multiple choice, true/false questions and short answer, you may be asked about the following concepts or issues:

Neo-classical assumptions about markets

Know the three different kinds of agglomeration economies – what is the difference between them? which one is significant for innovation?

Diseconomies of scale – know definition

Human capital

Comparative advantage

Know the three assumptions that inform the ‘monocentric city’ perspective (refer to Kloosterman & Musterd article).

As a supply-side strategy for influencing the location choices of firms, tax policy is used to address what kind of costs? Do taxes influence location ...view middle of the document...

Know the three kinds of linkages.

Know the difference between economic development and economic growth.


Six of the eight terms below will appear on the exam; you will be asked to define five. Maximum: two sentences for each definition.

Localization economies - define and be able to list three examples.
Benefits that arise from spatial concentration of many firms in the same industry. Examples: shared intermediate inputs; labour pooling; knowledge spillovers.

Urban sprawl
low-density development ... which separates where people live from where they shop, work and recreate – requiring cars to travel between zones.

Industrial revenue bond (IRB)
loan to buy land, facility or equipment; financed by investor, issued by city

‘Minus-sum’ effects (refer to Eisinger reading)
foregone tax revenues

extension of market principles to all spheres of life, incl. provision of public

Fiscal zoning – define and provide an example
excludes households that would impose a fiscal burden on local government
(use of services relative to taxes paid)
Tacit knowledge – know the definition and know what facilitates the exchange of this kind of knowledge (refer to discussion in Rutland and O’Hagan article).
‘Trickle-down’ effect (relating to core-periphery relations)

Short answer questions:

Three of the four questions below will appear on the exam and you will be asked to address all three....

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