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Gun Control what’s The Point
Sondra Miller
Dr. Kimberly Stanley
December 8, 2013

Gun control in America is a debate that is a constant concern about the 2nd Amendment or the right to bear arms. Having the freedom to carry a gun is a very controversial issue in society today. There are many people who feel that guns has been a problem and part of the reason there is so much crime. In 1994 a crime bill was passed by President Bill Clinton that would prohibit just anyone ...view middle of the document...

President Obama addressed a memorial gathering after a gun massacre took place on September 22, 2013 stated that he senses a “creeping resignation” in the United States that homicidal sanity like the Navy Yard Massacre is “somehow the new normal” and he also stated that “this should be a shock to us all” and that America should put a demand on “use common sense” that balances between having gun control and gun rights. President Obama stated that “We cannot accept this” the attack that happen on September 16, 2013 that killed a dozen of people at the Navy Yard (Schulte& Duggan 2013). In many states the right age to have a gun license is 18 years old, and many pro-gun advocates say that this should be good enough, but the opponents argue that the age should rise to 21 years old to buy a rifle or shot gun and 24 years old to own a hand gun, they must go through training on how to use and clean and properly store the guns before getting a license. When Bill Clinton was in office between (1993- 2001) he passed a bill called “The Brady Bill” and “Assault Weapon Ban” that would prohibit just anyone from owning a gun (Washington Times, 2003). This would prohibit such tragedies such as the school killing in 1999.
In the past ten 10 years gun control has become a very serious issue, considering the major shooting at the columbine school in Littleton in 1999. This massacre left fifteen people dead including the assassins themselves. Situations such as this should cause gun laws to be made strictor for people that want to buy guns, well as people that sales them for the safety and security of society. The Brady Handgun Control Act is in affect now in thirty two states, this stated that anyone that wanted to own a handgun has to wait for their background checks to be viewed so no known criminals will be able to buy handguns. Even though this law has been passed it has not deterred people from wanting to buy guns. There is no record that states just how many guns are sold every day in the United States, but in 2012 there were 16,808,538 applications for people trying to buy guns. According to the State Department of Emergency Service and Public Safety stated an individual needs to be 21 years of age, no convicted felonies, background check, and take a safety and storage course(Hoffman, ). The availability of guns is an account for most of the crime in the United States. Some people say that the Unites States is a violent country, the rate of assaults and robberies are about the same in other countries, however the gun rate usage in these crimes are much higher (Clark, 2007,P589). The importance of a person owning a gun is very important to society as a whole; some have them for recreational usage, personal security, and political reasons. In the area of gun control our government responsibility is to protect the rights of all citizens and to help make laws that will ensure safety and their well being. Parents of today are very concerned about...

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