Us Involvement In The Goulart Coup D'etat

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The Brazilian Coup d’état in 1964 was essentially the overthrow of President João Goulart by the military with support from the U.S. government. The coup began on March 31st 1964 and conceded the next day on April 1st. After which the military would rule the nation until 1985.
Goulart was the elected Vice President of Brazil under President Jânio Quadros. In 1961 due to various pressures within the government and military Quadros resigned and eventually Goulart came into power. Goulart was a nationalist and a leftist and thus was a menace to the United States government. The Brazilian President integrated communist politicians into his government, took a neutral stance in the cold war, ...view middle of the document...

This made Joao extremely wealthy and gave him social recognition and power.
Goulart’s path into politics came when Protásio Vargas, the brother of the ex-president Getúlio Vargas, invited Goulart to join Social Democratic Party; Goulart declined the offer. However a few months later, Getúlio Vargas invited Goulart to join the Brazilian Labour Party (PTB), and he obliged.
In 1947 Goulart ran for a seat in the state assembly and managed to win with 4,150 votes. While part of the senate, Goulart advocated for cheaper food for the needy. Goulart began to urge Getúlio Vargas to run for president, and in 1951 Vargas came into power. Goulart was appointed as Minister of Labor in 1953 and he immediately began to review the minimum wage. At the time workers were unsatisfied with the low wages and began to go on strike, along with the mass media, military, and upper class they began to plan a coup against the Vargas administration. In order to quell the situation, Goulart raised the minimum wage by 100%, this satisfied the workers but angered the businesses.
After a failed assignation attempt by Vargas’s body guard on a member of the National Democratic Union, Getúlio Vargas committed suicide. In response Goulart considered leaving the world of politics, but decided against it at the funeral on August 26, 1954. After two years of planning and opposition from various parties, in 1956 Goulart managed to become the vice president under Juscelino Kubitschek.
Setting the Stage
In 1960 Jânio da Silva Quadros, the running candidate of the National Democratic Union, (also known as UDN) was elected as the new Brazilian president. On January 31st, 1961 he was officially inaugurated into office. This marked the first peaceful transfer of power by an incumbent administration since 1889 (the year that Brazil became a republic). Furthermore, João Goulart, a member of the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB), was elected vice President for the second time. His first stint as vice president was in 1954 under the previous President Juscelino Kubitschek.
When Kubitschek left office Brazil was in a major debt crisis. The national debt approximated to about four billion dollars and thus put Quadros in a difficult position. Quadros argued that if the United States and the Soviet Union could have trade agreement, then the same could apply to Brazil. Thus he decided to begin discussions with the Communist bloc. His idea was that trading with both the western and communist nations would help Brazil reduce its debt and help the economy prosper. However, this plan did not sit well with the United States. He further angered the US when he refused to endorse the Bay of Pigs invasion. Furthermore, he began to pass tax reforms in which new businesses would be taxed 10% of their profit, older corporations would be taxed 30%, and corporations that invested abroad would be taxed 50%. These new taxation rules made Quadros extremely unpopular with the wealthy businessmen. The Brazilian...

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