Us Security Strategy For World Peace

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After two World Wars (WW I and II) and the cold War, United States took the superpower of the world. “United States has more power inthe world than any other state, and by a substantial margin”, (Posen, 2003, p.5), yet America had been faced with global conflicts and wars although not in large scale, similar to that of the first two world wars. Although world sees United States as policeman and superpower country around the globe, U.S sometimes face critical oppositions, resistant and proxy wars around the world. This become a problem that prompted United States to introduce strategies of power projecting embedded in some areas such as: military bases, economic control, soft power ...view middle of the document...

Conflicts of interests rooted in ideological differences such as ideologies of governance, economic, and cultural perspectives cause problems among nations. “The world is characterized by turmoil, and changing patterns of state-to-state relationships as well as conflicts within states caused by ethnic, religious, and nationalistic differences have become commonplace. International terrorism, drug cartels, and threats created by information-age technology add to turmoil”, (Sarkesian, Williams and Cimbala, 2008, p. 3). This driven United States to predict that world may fall in the spiral of large scales of war resembling first and Second world wars, thus U.S. plan strategies and tactics that would possibly prevent large global catastrophes.
The key areas of interest that United States controlled since after Second world War and cold war are including but not limited to the establishment of military bases around the world, economic control, political influent in the international system, promotion of democracy as the system of governance by force in some countries, advancing of sophisticated technology and waging wars on some nations that cause political turmoil internally or externally. “The means of strategy involved a whole panoply of political military instruments ranging from limited warfare to diplomacy in the name of protecting civil society from incursions from without” (Klein, 1988).Embarking on these strategic issues, believably help United States to form the unipolar system since 1990s.
The first elements of power projection started with the establishment of military bases in some volatile areas around the world. This initially was not the legacy of United States to establish the military bases in foreign countries. “Based on a selective examination of military bases in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Indonesia, and the Philippine these military bases are being used for intelligence purposes. New selected sites are spy Bases, satellite-related spy Bases”, (Dufour, 2007, p. 2). Establishing military bases in foreign countries began as a respond to aggression in its territory; started first with Japan during World War II, when Japan attacks Pearl Harbour in 1941. As Parmar stated that, “the consequences of an historical military attack on the United States – the Japanese strikes on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941’ (Parmar, 2005, p. 1 and 6). The Japanese aggression leads to total war, in which U.S. launched air attack on Japan cities of Hiroshima and.... After the surrender of Japan, United States military base was established and up to date; U.S. military base still exists in Japan.This is the point in which United States began its power projection militarily. U.S. then shifted the war from Japan to Europe and eventually, Germany was defeated leading to the end of World War II. ‘Despite sixteen major overseas ‘nation building’ interventions, Japan and Germany remain the most notable...

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