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Usa Culture Essay

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International Marketing
U.S. Culture
September 15, 2015

When we look down a busy street, we can see rows of cars, people walking and talking, advertisements, lights, and architecture. The cars are all different makes and models, the people walking are dressed differently and talking differently, the advertisements are bold and in-your-face, the lights can be for the cars or another signal to get your attention, and the architecture is shaped by the structure and soundness of the building and what it is designed for. All of these facets are a symbol of our culture. Our culture is passed down from our elders on to us through life norms and the morals and values learned. ...view middle of the document...

Despite English not being the official language of America, over 90% of Americans speak the language. Depending on what area of the country someone is in, the vowels and constants could be pronounced differently. For instance, a person in San Francisco may not talk the same as someone from mid-Florida, Boston, or South Texas. Each person would be deemed speaking English, and after a few tries, I’m sure everything could be understood.

The clothing that Americans generally wear are stylish first with functional as a second thought. More women will wear uncomfortable shoes if it makes their legs look longer or match their outfit perfectly. We observe what our parents and friends wear and model ourselves as a blend between the two. As young adults, we create idols in our head about who we want to be like and pursue that throughout our adulthood. America is home to Hollywood, which puts out more fashion shows and movies than any other country in the world. Hollywood constantly pushes upon us what we should think is important. Often what they are pushing, is what they are selling. We would be hard pressed to find a bigger influence in our fashionable lives than Hollywood.

Although Hollywood impacts our fashion lives, they don’t effect our music as much. Many people listen to the same genre of music they are surrounded by. Nashville is known for its multiple music styles with Country music being the most popular. The Midwest listens to more pop music, while the west coast is geared towards techno and gangsta rap. Our music is apart of our culture because it is apart of us, we grow up with it and look to it for relate ability, inspiration, or emotional soothing. The music we hear is a reflection of our environment that we surround ourselves with.

A major difference between American cultures and other ones is the food we eat. The stereotypical American meal is a hamburger, fries, and a coke. In actuality, there isn’t much healthy eating to it. When other cultures come over to America and start a restaurant, they have to be savvy on the way Americans eat. The traditional pizza isn’t what they serve in Italy, in fact, Italians don’t use pepperoni. Pepperoni is a cheap substitute for prosciutto, which is a fine delicatessen ham. Chinese restaurants change their food to cater more towards Americans with the ingredients they use, such as sugar, steak, or octopus. The food we eat here is relevant to the local resources. The style in which we cook that food is passed down from generation to generation through teaching.

Americans constantly try to find the X Factor between quality and cheap. Americans love the quality of a product and want it to last forever, but are more often drawn away by a cheaper product that will last a third of the total life of the quality product. The Chinese have discovered this and increased exports to America over the last three decades. The products are becoming cheaper and cheaper. However, some Americans will not...

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