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Usa: Future Home Of The Latino?

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USA: Future Home of the Latino?

Imagine an America completely different than what we have now. Imagine an America where white is not the majority; an America where every race that whites have had such a bad history with (and that includes the majority of the races on the planet) suddenly run the country. Minorities are everywhere in this imaginary America, and in a place where minority used to mean everything-but-white, it now means the exact opposite. This America could be our reality soon. Now, I’m not making this out to be a bad thing, considering this is nearly exactly what the old dead guys who founded this country wanted in the first place. But that’s a whole other essay in ...view middle of the document...

But, with a "majority minority" running the country, this representation would occur in congress as well. There would be more minority* input to their Congressmen and women (who might also be minorities) as to what laws need to be passed not to mention a greater minority representation at the voting booths.

American business will be an aspect of our lives that will change right under our noses. I don’t think we’ll notice. We will see more minorities in higher management positions and as CEOs and COOs. There will also be more small businesses catering to minorities. (And you thought there were a lot of Chinese restaurants now!) I don’t think big business will necessarily run any different than it does now, but the large corporations that are based in the U.S., but work around the world might have smoother foreign operations. Imagine that the head of Toyota’s American part of the company were Japanese.

The entertainment industry in America will change drastically. Television shows and movies will more accurately portray minority roles. The WB has been trying for who knows how long to capture the black audience, but has never very accurately portrayed the characters in it’s shows. The same goes for movies. With an upsurge in Black, Latino, Chinese, etc. audiences, the shows we watch will change to reflect that. It’s simple demographics; to get more people to watch, you have to shape your show to the audience’s interests. If the majority in America is Black in 2050, they won’t want to watch six white 20-somethings bumbling around their apartments every Thursday at 8 (actually they’ll be 70-somethings and that’s only if NBC drags the show out that long...and they will). But, not only will sitcoms and dramas change to fit the audience, the whole news scene will change. News shows from "Eyewitness News" to "60 Minutes" will feature more stories and topics that cater to what concerns minorities.

Possibly the...

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