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Usama Bin Laden Essay

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Osama Bin Laden Biography

Osama bin Laden and His fusion of Terrorism

Osama bin Laden, born in 1957, comes from a wealthy Saudi Arabian family that owns a multinational construction business. He used his inborn wealth to finance Afghan forces fighting the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980's. After the 1991 Gulf War, he was distressed that Saudi Arabia allowed U.S. forces to remain in the Arabian Peninsula. To advance his agenda of expelling the U.S. from the Islamic world, he worked with other anti-Western fundamentalists to organize a secretive, highly compartmentalized terrorist network, known as al-Qaida. It is through his ...view middle of the document...

Early days of Osama bin Laden:
While Osama bin Laden was attending King Abdul-Aziz University, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. He had maintained contact with some of the pilgrims he met during Hajj that stayed with his family, and with his two teachers that mentored him while attending the university. These are the individuals that influenced him to journey to Afghanistan within the first few weeks of the invasion. "During the early stages of the mujahideen (Holy Warrior) resistance, bin Laden traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan to meet with scholars and leaders who had been guests at his family's house. He began lobbying for the mujahideen and raised large amounts of money for their cause." After his initial trip to Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden traveled back to Saudi Arabia in order to expand a support base for the mujahideen by means of money, equipment, and personnel.

Osama bin Laden’s works:
Osama bin Laden made frequent trips to Afghanistan establishing a support base; therefore, gaining popularity among the fighters. He used his family's connections and wealth to raise money for the Afghan resistance and provide the mujahideen with logistical and humanitarian aid, and participated in battles in the Afghan war. The mujahideen received additional funding, training, and weapons from the United States, which considered the Soviet Union an enemy, defeated the Soviet military, and forced the Soviets to pull out of Afghanistan.

Osama bin laden utilized the guesthouse as a main base of operations. The complex was then termed al-Qaida, which is an Arabic word meaning "The Base." thus, this is where the name of his movement came from. At the end of the Soviet/Afghan War, Osama bin Laden went back to Saudi Arabia. This is the period in time when there was an impending invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein's military.

Iraq's invasion of Kuwait:
Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, followed by the deployment of Coalition forces in the Arabic region, gave reason for bin Laden to lash out at, not only the western military presence, but to those Arab nations he felt were influenced by non-Muslim countries as well. Especially Saudi Arabia, he aligned Saudi groups opposed to the reigning Saudi kingdom, the Fahd family, expressing anger at them and the United States for allowing U.S. and allied forces to invade Iraq from Saudi bases in the Gulf War.3 After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, bin Laden was distressed over the Saudi governments aid to western forces via the establishment of an airbase.

Highly compartmentalized terrorist network:
Osama bin Laden began a terror campaign bestowed with speeches and acts of terrorism. Bin Laden gave many speeches that outlined his philosophy. He has been quoted as saying: "The U.S. government has committed acts that are extremely unjust, hideous and criminal. We believe the United States is directly responsible for those killed in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. Since he...

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