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Use Direct X In C# Essay

2043 words - 9 pages

Faculty of Mathematics
Intentional Software Corporation Bellevue, Washington
Prepared by Xingyu Zhang
Computer Science December 13, 2014

Table of Contents
Summary ....................................................................................................................................... iii 1.0 Introduction .............................................................................................................................. 1 2.0 Analysis .................................................................................................... 2
2.1 What is Metro ...view middle of the document...

The discussion shows that to port an existing desktop application written in C++/CLI, it has to be rewritten in C++/CX.
The report focuses only on how to achieve the goal of using the DirectX libraries in C#. It does not discuss any advanced computer graphics topics.

1.0 Introduction
As one of the most popular operating system, Windows always has a huge developer community. However, with the new Windows 8 comes with a lot of new concept: a new design style called Metro, a new runtime called WinRT and many new restrictions on app development, it can be confusing learning all these new ideas.
This report aims to be a general guideline for those who want to develop Metro apps with DirectX using C#. It is assumed that all readers would have basic knowledge of programming, the programming languages of C++ and C#, the basic usage of DirectX and the .NET framework.
The report discusses the concept of the new Metro design style. It briefly introduces the graphic libraries DirectX and then it jumps to the discussion of how to develop a Metro app in C# while making use of the DirectX libraries followed by detailed the instructions with sample code.
2.0 Analysis
2.1 What is Metro
Metro is the codename for the design style of the
newly added start screen in Windows 8 and
Windows Store Apps. The term was officially
introduced during the unveiling of Windows
Phone 7, but early examples can also be found in
Microsoft’s encyclopedia Encarta and its messaging application MSN 2.0[1], which was later merged with Skype. Now the Metro design style can be found in most of Microsoft’s software products like Windows 8, Windows Phone and Outlook[2]. Microsoft has a set of specific design guidelines for Windows Store Apps based on the Microsoft design principles
2.2 Microsoft Design Principles
Lately there is a shift that both consumers and companies are paying more attention to the design of products. Powerful foundations, creative and impactful ideas and the opinion of anything else is out of date made the shift possible. The premise of this shift have then become the Microsoft design principles.
The Metro design style can be generally classified as “flat design” based on three distinct pillars: The Bauhaus, International typographic style and Motion design. These inspirations lead to the Microsoft design principles[3]:
* Pride in craftsmanship
* Do more with less
* Fast and fluid
* Authentically digital * Win as one
2.3 DirectX
DirectX is a collection of low level APIs for dealing with tasks concerning graphics and multimedia developed by Microsoft. It is largely used in games and applications with stunning visuals. On the right is a screenshot of a game developed using the functionalities provided by the DirectX libraries.
When people speak of DirectX, they are usually referring to the graphical APIs, but in fact, the complete DirectX...

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