Use Marketing Research For Marketing Planning

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Marketing Strategies
A recent meeting has just taken place for the marketing department at Kirklees College and they have identified some key pieces of research within Kirklees College. They have enlisted someone to figure out some SMART targets to help improve the figures that have been identified. A SMART target means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable and Time Worthy.
The first key point that they have found out is “The proportion of college applicants visiting the website before the beginning of the course is currently 68%”.
Ways they can improve this is by introduction interactive items on the website that students can get involved in. they could also put up more information up that might help when new students are coming to the college for the first time. Finally they could put more videos and pictures on the website that will show different aspects of the courses that Kirklees College have.
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They could also let people who applying from schools involved by getting some of the heads of department to go into the school and give a presentation on what the course that they teach is about so that the students see what it’s all about.
Taking all this that I have said above into consideration I think a better target is “To make sure that the number of talks that are given to applicants to all course areas has raised to 65% by August 30th 2015.
The third key point that they have found out is that “38% of college applicants see us on Facebook before they start the college”.
This seems so low so ways that this could be improved is by doing more advertising on the website and making it clearer that the college is on Facebook but also showing all the other social media sites that they are on. They could also advertise their Facebook page on school websites that the applicants are coming from and they could ask the local council if they could put a link to the college Facebook page on their website so that as many people as possible see the page before they actually start the college course that they have applied to study on.
Taking all this into account that I have said above I think a better target would be “To get at least 70% of all students that have Facebook to view the colleges Facebook page before they start studying the college course by October 12th 2015”.
The final key point they found out is that “Only 25% of local residents are aware of the college’s apprenticeship program”.
This could be much higher if the college advertised the apprenticeship program more and a few ways they can do this by advertising on buses around the local area, advertise in local newspapers and even on local radio stations so as many people see that Kirklees College have an apprenticeship program and this will encourage people to enquire in the apprenticeship program as possible. This will also increase the percentage in the number of people who are applying for apprenticeships.
Given all that I have said above I think a better target could be “To get at least 65% of the local community to be aware of the apprenticeship program by 30th August 2015”

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