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Use Of Native American Mascots Should Be Banned

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In his Sports Illustrated article, “The Indian Wars,” S.L. Price argues that there is no easy answer to whether or not the use of Native American mascots by high school, college, and professional sports teams is offensive. “It's an argument that, because it mixes mere sports with the sensitivities of a people who were nearly exterminated, seems both trivial and profound -- and it's further complicated by the fact that for three out of four Native Americans, even a nickname such as Redskins, which many whites consider racist, isn't objectionable.” Whereas Price provides ample evidence that his claim is true, I disagree with the way it was presented and I still insist that Native American ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, because Sports Illustrated failed to secure a full, complete, and unambiguous record of the population, its results are problematic, invalid, and unreliable. Whether Sports Illustrated ever discloses how the poll was actually conducted or not, there are several major concerns that can be raised.
Based on the article, responses were “weighted according to U.S. Census figures for age, race and gender, and for distribution of Native Americans on and off reservations.” Although Sports Illustrated refers to subjects as “Native American,” there is no such category in the U.S. Census, which uses American Indian and Alaskan Native. In the census, American Indian and Alaskan Native are listed under “one race” and also under “race alone or in combination with one or more races.” Given the terminology used in the article, it is impossible to know exactly what census data was used in shaping the Sports Illustrated study itself.
In the Sports Illustrated article, Price provided little contextual information to illuminate the emergence of, and current viewpoints about, Native American mascots. In order to understand the Native American mascot issue, Price needs to provide readers with the understanding of the social context surrounding the mascots. Most importantly, he must explain the historically rooted, but contemporarily alive, stereotypes of Native Americans. Native American mascots emerged from these stereotypes, and these mascots continue to reinforce these stereotypes. The continued commonness of these stereotypes prevents...

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