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Use Of Professional Organization By Nurse Leader To Stay Aware Of Political Action In The Health Care Industry And The Importance Of Doing So

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Affirmative Case
Stella Ladeinde, Caroline Njagi, Twila Shocknesse, SasheetaVinesh
April 17, 2012
Lousie Rittmiller

Teaching Values in Schools Prescribed by the State or Federal Government
Who should assume the burden of teaching values? While acknowledging the role of parents as natural caretakers and guardians, an evolving American society has made the vital task of mentoring children increasingly difficult.  There has been an apparent decrease in character and moral reasoning among today's youth. In light of this dilemma, the state government should introduce moral and character building content into the education code and standards as a beneficial alternative to the ...view middle of the document...

Teaching of morals, values, and character in school makes up for what parents are unable to do in order to keep the avoid social issues. A report where several interviewees reveal schools have become a surrogate for many families in the communities (Cos, -- ).
Need for change
A need for change is necessary in the society due to variables affecting family value systems. Therefore, it is critical for the government to step in and reverse this detrimental trend and help instill positive values in children’s lives (The Safe our Society and Sovereignty Party, 2012). In a recent interview, Steve Johnson and Kirk Hanson, director and executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, stated that values, positive behavior, and good citizenship should be taught in school. In general, schools should attempt to develop desirable values and with the help of character education, students should develop better habits (Santa Clara University, 2010). The following variables support the notion that the government should prescribe a set of values to be taught in school.
Cultural Diversity
In most schools nowadays, the diversity in ethnic cultures is increasing. This gives students theoretically more opportunities to practice their social and communicative skills, and to develop values like respect, justice and solidarity. These new opportunities do, however, place higher demands on students. Research will have to show whether these demands might be too high for certain groups of students; specifically, students with a different cultural background or for students whose cognitive or communicative skills are weak (Veugelers & Vedder, 2003).
Furthermore, values are closely associated with morals and vary between members of society. The value a person places on ideas or acts determines the individual's sense of right and wrong. Some areas of concern expressed by parents are topics such as right to life, sexual orientation and lifestyle choices, as they fear that schools may teach values that contradict their own or compromise their religious beliefs (Richford, 2012).
Unhealthy Family
A family with poor family health status is likely to be described as dysfunctional. Dysfunctional families are commonly a result of a power struggle within a family. An example of how a family power struggle develops is when parents use totalitarian authority and do not welcome feedback from children during family communication. The children in the family may rebel against the parents, creating a dysfunctional family system (Fenell, 2012).
Family values consists of ideas passed down from generation to generation. There are many activities that fall under these categories that define our values. All of them are important, and it takes work to balance these tasks. However, we often get caught up in work and other activities that interfere with the amount of time we spent with our families. Often times, we put...

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