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Use Source T, U And V And Your Own Knowledge. Do You Agree With The View In Source V That Wolsey's Domestic Policis Were Disappointing?

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Use source T, U and V and your own knowledge. Do you accept the view in source V that Wolsey’s domestic policies were disappointing?

Thomas Wolsey was Henry VIII chief minister from his rise to power in 1514 after working himself up until his eventual fall from the king’s favour in 1529. During the time period where Wolsey contained his power he made many changes to England’s domestic policies. For this reason I do not accept the view of source V that Wolsey’s domestic policies were completely disappointing, this essay will show my debates as to why I believe that Wolsey’s domestic policies were not so unsatisfactory.
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For this reason the reliability of the source is slightly hindered, on the other hand due to the fact that it was a report it heightens the reliability also as it should be mainly factual but again due to the Christian view point slightly exaggerated.
On the other hand although Wolsey may have been satisfactory within the poor’s eyes when it came to Justice you would also argue that he was in fact disappointing to the poor when it comes to looking at the finance aspect of the domestic policies. This being because he was slipping through the favour of the laity due to the amount of taxes he has bombarded upon them; however the biggest disappointment of Wolsey’s financial policies was the amicable grant. The amicable grant was a big displeasure for the public as they felt they already had many taxes to pay, and that Wolsey had become to power hungry. Sources T supports this due to the fact it states ‘his arrogance and ambition aroused against himself the hatred of the whole country.’ This clearly shows a huge disappointment of Wolsey from not just the poor but by the whole country and the people, this source supports the idea that what Wolsey did within the country, including the Amicable Grant, with dissatisfaction. Source V supports source T’s view point on Wolsey, this is evident as it states ‘Any conclusion of Wolsey seems to have an air of disappointment.’ From my own knowledge I know that finance was not the strongest aspect of Wolsey’s Policies as it also dis-pleased the upper class also, this being because they had to lose more money than the poor to pay taxes for the kings coffers.
However when looking at the church in Wolsey’s domestic polices it could be argued to have been a failure due to Wolsey’s lack of management of the church. This could be interoperated due to the fact many people criticised his lack of interest in the Catholic way of life, they believed he was the Kings agent and not the church’s. From my own knowledge I support this view point as Wolsey was put under vigorous amounts of pressure by Henry to use his influences from Rome to clear the annulment of his marriage to Catharine of Aragon so that he could remarry. Henry wanted this due to the fact she could not produce him a son, so he believed his marriage wasn’t lawful. Source U supports the idea of Wolsey’s involvement in the church to be disappointing, and that Henry was his main focus, due to the fact it states ‘occupies all the magistrates, offices and councils of Venice, both civil and criminal.’ From this statement it’s clear to see that Wolsey takes on many duties, however the church is not within this list, showing that it was not a great success or a main priority. Conversely source U also shows some positive aspects of Wolsey’s involvement within the church this is due to the fact it was written by the Venetian ambassador, who was writing a report on Wolsey’s involvement in the church and commends him for keeping Catholic involvement within his policies;...

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