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Useful Medicinal Compounds Derived From Animals

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Tittle: Useful medicinal compounds derived from animals

In modern medication, monoclonal antibody has been used to treat various kinds of disease. For cancer therapy, monoclonal antibody is extremely success. Monoclonal antibody, an immune protein with specific binding site and purified from mouse, can bind with target protein (Campbell NA, 1996). Such as: Specific antigen, growth factor and so on. As tumor cell always avoid immune system and even try to suppress the immune response, they always avoid immune defense. However, if monoclonal antibody is presented, they will bind with the target protein and immune system can recognize. Finally, immune response will be triggered. Tumor ...view middle of the document...

.....With the increase of the competition, a complicated and effective immune system has been developed and for the large animals further develop. In other word, if an effective defense system cannot be developed, there is no any complicated animals. The immune system is a system of biological processes within an organism against the invasion from the surrounding. And different antigen is produced by different type of gene (Campbell NA, 1996).
The evolutionary principles state that within a population, there are organism with different phenotypes and genotypes. There is a gene pool in the population and certain individuals are selected for or against by the environment (Laurent P.A, 2010). For immune system, the B-cell antigen can be randomly produced and it can basically recognized all pathogen even HIV. However, as only specific antigen can be produced and useful for defense. So, not all of the organisms can survive after infection but some can. In this process, gene that responsible for making antibodies allows the organism to have a selective advantage over other...

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