Usiness Strategies Used By A Business Operating Internationally

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Marketing –
Identifying Markets: This is a procedure where Etisalat will decide what the genuine requirements of their customers are by finding the market elements that create them. During this practice Etisalat should discover the actual intake influences that usually become the products for sale.
Promotion and Advertising: Etisalat applies many various approaches that normally rely on the kind of business, so in this case telecommunications provider. The common manner of advertising means are televisions and radio. The following have been used for such a long time and have proven to work so far, however the modern age is changing rapidly towards internet and direct mailing that is ...view middle of the document...

Additionally they may want to increase their overall growth as an international cooperation.
Production and Distribution –
Product Differentiation: This is a promotional technique that demonstrates the variance amongst products. It focuses on making a product more outstanding by comparing its special functions with other rival products. Effective differentiation develops a distinct vantage point for Etisalat, as their customers will perceive these products as exclusive and single.
Product Pricing: Firms like Etisalat use product pricing because they wish that the price should connect with the recognized worth of the product. People determine the quality of the product from the price of it. Advertising also plays its part once it is setting a brief perception in the viewer’s mind of what the product significance is.
Distribution channels and Transportation: There are many factors that strongly bond Etisalat and its distribution operations. Firstly they provide Etisalat with gathered and summarised information on their present and ‘’possible’’ customers, rivals, traders, controllers, also on the common political and surrounding firms. They help a lot with negotiations of pricing or whether they wish to tie up with a franchise already existing in that market. Of course transportation is a major issue that gets cleared out by the formation of distribution channels; distributors have fixed routes when they transport the products to retailers or directly to customers.
Supply Chain and Logistics : Etisalat often doesn’t take that much time to continue to carry out its businesses in foreign countries as it’s a big company. This kind of international supply chain looks to make use of the strong and some weak points given in countries around the world, irrespective of either Etisalat really trades its products in any of the provided nations. It is vital to understand that logistics works are solely fragments of controlling the actual supply chain. The chain usually relates to the connections between businesses that want to be included in supplying a good or service to the final receivers, and to the delivery or management assignments need to run these streams of goods or services as fast as possible.
Human Resources Management –
Staff: There have been a number of times when just a single notion from a member of staff, or even one unseen system alteration has completely turned around the way a company runs. The brains of the staff can be mentioned as the upbringing base for success, along with the perfect conditions, Etisalat can reach great heights, due to the reason that their staff can have the particular intelligence, techniques, and qualities that just have to be noticeable.
Foreign Personnel : As Etisalat continues to grow and expand its operations, they always want to find and discover...

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