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Using An Event To Illustrate Your Answer, Assess The Key Economic And Socio Cultural Impacts Of Events

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When someone chooses to participate or enter an event there are economical and socio-cultural impacts. Because of this there are certain things to take into consideration. How long they intend to stay there, will they be staying in a hotel, how much they plan on spending at the event and in the area, will there be adequate transport, will there be security and first aid. This essay will assess the key economic and socio-cultural impacts of the ING Miami Marathon by discussing the strengths and weaknesses that impact the Miami Marathon Economically and socio-culturally.

The ING Miami Marathon is a 26.2 mile course strenching across the scenic state of Miami. In 2010 the article (Adventure ...view middle of the document...

This is good as events can hire local employees from the area they are holding the event in, thus creating, although for only small period of time, local jobs,

With the marathon attracting participants from all over the world it provides a big strength for the economy. “The event, set for Sunday, January 29th, is expected to generate more than $45 million for the local economy this year in the form of hotel bookings, restaurant spending, transportation, shopping and entertainment.” (Running Competitor. 2012). Due to the event starting early and lasting all day participants will find it easier to stay the previous night to avoid having to travel in the middle of the night. Therefore they will need accommodation in the local area. Due to the nature of the event many participants may stay the night of the marathon to rest and relax before travelling home. This then turns their one day event into a 3 day stay. The Miami Marathon is a very popular spectators sport, many also travelling from other parts of the world who will also be staying in local hotels. Visitors who do not want to stay in a hotel may choose to stay in a private bed and breakfast, this is particularly good for the economy as it gives money directly to the local economic systems. The layout of the course is designed so family and friends of those who have taken part in the marathon can take shortcuts to their next viewing position so as not to miss them. This has two advantages, the first being, the event will attract friends and family as they will want to come to the event to support them. The second being they can wonder around the other attractions on offer and browse, possibly purchase at the stalls and shops. This promotes the event to families. They can take children without the worry of them getting board. Because this is an all day event they can travel around the local area and spend money on food purchasing from local shops and still be walking distance from the marathon route. Another economic benefit of the ING Miami Marathon is that said marathon will attract not only the competitors of the marathon but perhaps there families too which intern may lead to rising consumption levels in the Miami area thus stimulating the local economy. Further more some travelling long distances may choose to make a holiday of the occasion. If those who stayed in Miami for a holiday enjoyed there stay then they may be encouraged to return on future occasions. This is good for the economy because if they return it will generate revenue in the future. They will also tell friends they enjoyed there holiday. Who may, because of there friends recommendation, visit Miami. A socio-cultural weakness from the event could be people visiting Miami with no interest in the marathon and may not enjoy there holiday due to the large crowds, full bookings, and road closures. They may not be able to enjoy there holiday as much and it may not make them want to return to Miami. This is also bad because...

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