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Using Kindergarten Number Sense To Predict Calculation Fluency In Second Grade

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Locuniak states (2008), “We believed that number sense in kindergarten would be a strong predictor of later calculation fluency.” One of the most important tools for solving most math problems is fluency in basic calculation. To solve operations with multidigit numbers, whole or rationale, positive or negative depends on fluent knowledge of number combinations (Locuniak). According to Locuniak (2008), dysfluent calculation is very common among children with math difficulties. Therefore, students with math problems tend to have a deficit in speed and accuracy.
Locuniak also states, “Children with poor fact mastery showed remarkably flat growth on timed fact retrieval tasks. Moreover, on untimed tasks, they consistently relied on their fingers for calculation support”. The understanding of numbers and number relationships is called number ...view middle of the document...

All of the schools used the same math curriculum. In conclusion, Locuniak states, “Children who had a better grasp of basic addition and subtraction in kindergarten were more likely to achieve better fluency by second grade.”
Based on my journal article, early math skills in kindergarten are a good indicator to predict what students can have math difficulties in the future. An early math intervention for this group of students is a great idea because it can get worse during a child’s scholastic development.
According to Locuniak, “Verbal ability is a predictor of reading and math skills.” I also learned from the article, that students with normal math achievement have a stronger working memory capacity than children with math disabilities.
As a future educator, I am going to be aware that there are students, who know the mathematical concept, but are not good at computing. For example, they make errors because they carry numbers incorrectly or they do not write numerals in the correct column. These groups of students end up having problems, especially in elementary school even though some of them might have the potential for higher level of mathematical thinking.
According to the article, children, who only have just math difficulties, succeed at faster rates in math between second grade and third grade than children with double deficit, mathematical difficulties and reading difficulties. Obviously, students who have math difficulties, but not reading difficulties are better at solving word problems that students who have math difficulties and reading difficulties.
Math is so hard for some kids. Therefore, educators, researchers, policymakers, etc, we need to understand better the reasons or what is behind these students with difficulties in learning math.
Locuniak, M.,& Jordan, N. (2008). Using Kindergarten Number Sense to Predict Calculation Fluency in Second Grade. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 41, 451- 459.

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