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Using Less Energy Essay

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What is Conservation? Conservation is the use of less energy. The reduction or avoidance of energy loss, or waste by various means (Webster). Almost everyone across the globe uses energy everyday. Energy is used to power transportation, it is used to produce the food that we eat, energy is used for cooking, heating, cooling homes and buildings, lighting, and for industrial factories. Conserving energy is important because conserving saves money, but most importantly it also decreases the requirements for fossil fuels like oil, natural gases, and coal. When there is less use of fossil fuels carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are lowered. CO2 is the main source of global warming as well as ...view middle of the document...

Sustainable methods that each member of society can do to conserve energy and help the environment at the same time are to recycle, consume less energy, and eat healthier. Recycled materials can be produce various materials like paper, counter tops, and flooring. Recycling can also reduce littering and land fill piles. Individuals can also reduce the amounts of trash generated by using refillable and reusable products, shopping carefully and only for products needed, consuming less disposable forks and plates, and using alternative transportation like city buses, carpooling, or walking. Humans should also consider changing their eating habits and consume more healthier and efficient foods closer to the bottom of the food chain.
How can the government be involved in conservation efforts?
The government can help by influencing the right polices and setting aside budgets to improve the environment in highly urbanized areas by public education. These improvements will lead to the preservation of diminishing rainforests, oceans, and agricultural lands. The government should also...

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