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Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service in which one can connect socially with those around them and, in some cases, meet new people. It also allows you to follow people, organizations, and topics of mutually shared interest. The setup process is user friendly and can be accomplished even by those who are not computer savvy and much easier/less intrusive as other social networking sites. The privacy settings in Twitter are straightforward and simple to setup. Typically, if you create a strong password, use extreme prejudice on who you follow and who you allow to follow you, watch out for suspicious links, and ensure that you’re using the most up-to-date operating system patches and anti-virus definitions you will minimize the threats that could be introduced to your computer or Smartphone through Twitter.

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I had no issues or problems setting up my account and I’ am positive that anyone can accomplish this process fairly easily regardless of skill level if they have an email address. The process is very user friendly and can be done by anyone. Privacy settings in Twitter are very important. Whether one realizes it or not, the privacy settings are there for the users’ protection. Sure, the idea of using Twitter is to collect as many followers as possible but privacy settings will allow you to control who can see your tweets. Some privacy setting options a new user should really consider using are HTTPS, two-step verification, and limiting who can see your tweets. Twitter options that I would not recommend are location based services which allow your tweets to have a geo-tag associated with it.

I intend to continue using Twitter for random thoughts or opinions; I feel the need to share with my followers. It has been a great tool to reconnect with those I haven’t spoken with or seen in a long time and it presents access to your favorite stars, athletes, or musicians. Many are active users of Twitter and will sometimes respond to your tweets personally. With Twitter, I’ am able to see pictures and read their posts to feel as though I’ am communicating with them as if I know them on a personal level. It is also great to be able to chat with friends who are online at the same time you are.

In conclusion, I believe Twitter is an invaluable tool which allows everyone to openly express their random ideas, thoughts, or opinions. While Twitter is great for connecting with people, it could be used for nefarious purposes which are why privacy settings and basic situational awareness to what you’re posting is so important. As mentioned in my Facebook assignment, there have been cases, Catphishing for example, where people have created “fake” Twitter accounts using photos found on the Internet or from other sources. They sometimes pursue friendships with unsuspecting victims and create a false reality for that person often times taking advantage of the person. With that being said, just as in life, if you take the necessary precautions and only allow followers you feel are legit, Twitter is a great site to utilize.

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