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Using Story Telling To Ehance Pupils Reading In Class

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This chapter consists of the background of the study, statement of the problem purpose of the study, research questions and the significance of the study, delimitation, limitation and organization of the project.

Background of the Study
Reading forms an integral part of formal education. Therefore, the skills and knowledge of reading are very essential for pupils success in virtually all cores of school curriculum.
It is clear that the ability to read English is highly crucial in educational achievement in all subjects. While it is important that children learn to read, it is equally important that they read voluntarily and ...view middle of the document...

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to go into the strategies which are connected with the use of stories in reading in order to help pupils of Asafo Methodist Primary three to:
i. Improve upon the phonic aspect of reading so as to read fluently.
ii. Acquire more vocabularies.
iii. Use spoken language effectively.
iv. Increase the interest of the pupils in reading.
Research Questions

The following research questions were formulated to shape the focus of the research.
1. What are the factors leading to poor reading habit among the pupils of Asafo Methodist Primary three?
2. What effect has poor reading had on the academic performances of the pupils in Asafo Methodist Primary three?
3. What techniques could be used to improve upon the present poor reading standard of the pupils?

Significance of the Study

The story will go a long way to help education authorities, teachers, parents, the researcher and other researchers to be equipped with information on the use of story-telling to improve upon reading habit of pupils in basic schools. To the education authorities, they will see the need to adopt strategies to curb the laziness of reading in schools to make their academic goals to be achieved.
Teachers will also benefit from the result of the study. This is due to the fact that in as much as they read stories constantly, it will help improve their expression and fluency. The method of teaching reading highlighted by the researcher would help improve the techniques of teaching reading by classroom teachers, most especially teachers in basic school.
Additionally, based on the outcome of the study, the researcher and other researchers would know and understand in details the causes and the effect of pupils inability to read and how best they can be managed. Moreover, other researchers can also use this particular study as a source of literature on reading in the country, Last but not least, parents would also benefit from the outcome of the study. This is because they would see the need to use stories to shape their children’s life. It could also inform them to buy story books for their wards as a means of encouragement for them to learn assiduously.


During the study, the researcher observed that there was peculiar problem of reading fluently in virtually all the classes. In view of this, the researcher would have wished to involve the whole class. However, the researcher restricted herself to primary three where it was very severe. The researcher chose the one class particularly because of the fact that she was assigned that particular class.

The research would have been more satisfactory than this had it not been some factors that...

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