Using Your Own Research Of Child Development Textbooks And Theories, Fill In The Chart To Provide A Basic Outline Of The Expected Pattern Of Children’s Development

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Table showing pattern of children’s development (201.1.1)

Using your own research of Child Development textbooks and theories, fill in the chart to provide a basic outline of the expected pattern of children’s development.

|Age Range |Physical Development |Social, emotional and behavioural development |Communication and intellectual development |
|Birth - 3 |Walking, |Cry for attention |Responds to name |
|years |talking, ...view middle of the document...

|Enjoys the company of other children, may have developed |Learns about basic things through play. |
|years |Able to run well |favorites. |Has a vocab of between 900-4000 words. |
| |Competent at jumping, riding, climbing. |Less reliable on parents/adults for reassurance. |Asks lots of questions. |
| |Throws and catches a ball. |Argues with others children but quick to forgive. |Continues to enjoy books, stories and songs. |
| |Fine motor skills improving (scissors) |Expresses feelings to others. |Continues to enjoy creative play. |
| |Can dress and undress themselves may need help with small |May still have emotional outbursts. |Plays well with others, able to accept and share ideas. |
| |buttons etc |Learns to share |Knows, matches and names colours and shapes. |
| |Learn to ride a bike | |Can concentrate for longer, tv, long stories. |
| |Develops an interest in reading. | |Shows awareness of right and wrong. |
|7 – 12 |Is able to dress/undress self. |Is able to take part in games with rules. |Has an extensive vocab 4000-10,000 words. |
|years |Can tie shoe laces. |Less concerned with adult approval and more about peer approval.|Learns to read more complex texts. |
| |Independent. |Understands feelings, needs and rights of others. |Enjoys experimenting with materials. |
| |Starts loosing baby teeth. |May start to be competitive, rivalry may lead to aggressive |Can follow complex instructions. |
| |Improved motor skills climbing, balancing, hopping and |behavior. |Enjoys board games and other games with rules. ...

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