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Research Proposal: Vaccines
The research topic I have chosen for my research proposalis the administration of childhood vaccines. Are there side effects, are they required by law, and are they still as effective as they once were? Childhood vaccines are common throughout the United States. They are thought to be a requirement to enter school by many Americans. The question isare some outdated, or can they cause serious unwanted side effects? I chose this topic because there is some controversy with vaccines and that they may cause side effects or conditions such as autism. Also, I am the mother of a nine year old boy who did have all of his childhood immunizations. At ...view middle of the document...

Twenty eight other states allow parents to opt out of getting their children vaccinated only if their religion dictatesthat they do so. Two states have mandatory vaccination laws. But even if you live in one of these states with stricter laws you still have the right to choose which vaccinations your child will receive in their early years.
Working Hypothesis
Choosing to vaccinate your child or not is a big decision for most parents. I believe parents have the right to be informed of all their choices when it comes to this. We must take some of the initiative to educate ourselves on this issue. Even though we expect our doctors to know everything there is to know about vaccines, unfortunatelythey do not. They learn about many diseases, but learn very little when it comes to the vaccines themselves. The FDA and pharmaceutical companies do extensive research and are the ones mainly responsible for the research that goes into making the vaccines.
Working Bibliography
I intend to use the Modern Language Association (MLA) system of citations for this research topic because it is generally used by Clark State.
Preliminary Sources:
Sears, Robert W. The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child. New York: Hachette Book Group USA, 2007. Note: I chose this book because it is considered by many parents as a “must-have” book regarding vaccinations. Dr. Sears takes a fairly unbiased viewpoint in this book explaining both sides of the story. He also goes into great detail on each vaccination.
Offit, Paul A., Louis M. Bell. Vaccines: What You Should Know. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2003. Note: This book goes into great detail regarding vaccine concerns. It goes over the various myths and explains the history behind them and if they are true or not.
“History of Vaccine Safety.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 26 Feb. 2008. 16 May 2009. . Note: I chose this article so I could gain an understanding of the history of vaccine safety, what is done to ensure safety, and how injuries are followed up on.
World Health Organization. Quality and Safety of Vaccines from Development to Delivery. Nov. 2005. 15 May 2009. . Note: This article is good because it helps to explain from the research and development of vaccines, to the manufacturing process, how vaccines are transported, and actual vaccine injection.
Harris, Gardiner. “Deal in an Autism Case Fuels Debate on Vaccine.” The New York Times 8 Mar 2008: sec 1: 6. Note: I specifically wanted to choose an article written about the case of a 9 year old little girl’s family suing that shows a link between vaccines and autism. The court ruled in the family’s favor. This could possibly set a precedent.
Park, Alice. “How Safe Are Vaccines?” Time 21 May 2008: 23-25. Note: I chose this article because it does a good job of questioning vaccine safety and what the public is told. It takes a look at the other point of view.
America Academy of...

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