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Vaccines Should Be Mandatory Essay

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Vaccines should be mandatory

The invention of the vaccinations has been one of the greatest health interventions, saving millions of people from infectious diseases (Ehreth, 2002). The vaccine program has had extraordinary success in decreasing the spread of preventable diseases (Zimmerman, 2000). Research shows vaccines are safe, provide a way to protect your child and society, and help avoid wide spread disease.
Vaccines are not completely 100% safe, but it is safer than the infectious disease it is preventing (Concerns about vaccine safety, 2009). With any drugs, there are side effects, but serious ones are rare (Concerns about vaccine safety, 2009). Children are given ...view middle of the document...

If the vaccine was to be contaminated the bacteria would be fatal. (Vaccine Economics, 2006).
When a new vaccine is discovered, it is measured against health versus side effects. Is the disease worse than the new vaccine, or does the new vaccine make things better? Does the vaccine cause better survival and quality of life? Cost effective-ness is another area taken into account when a new vaccine is discovered (Vaccine Economics, 2006).
If children are not vaccinated, they will receive all the risks involved with an infectious disease (Giffin, Stratton, and Chalk, 2004). School aged children usually have the highest rates for vaccine preventable diseases (Wharton et al, 2011). Studies show one if four children will die from measles (Giffin, Stratton, and Chalk, 2004). Half the children infected with Tetanus’s will die from the disease (Giffin, Stratton, and Chalk, 2004). Two out of a hundred children will develop paralytic polio (Giffin, Stratton, and Chalk, 2004). When vaccination rates go down, preventable disease rates increase (McCrimmon, 2010). Possible fatal diseases could have been prevented by vaccinations (McCrimmon, 2010). Preventable disease morbidity rates decline with vaccinations, but when vaccine statistics drop, fatal diseases rise. Vaccines are considered safe, safer than the possible death from of the diseases the vaccinations are trying to prevent. Doctors say that there are no link to vaccines and autism (McCrimmon, 2010.

Many parents who don’t vaccinate depend on and believe in “herd immunity” (Wharton et al, 2005). Herd immunity is when a parent believes that there are enough immune children to make it very unlikely to be in any contact with any disease (Wharton et al, 2005). Vaccines are not 100% effective, and even the vaccinated can contract the disease (Wharton el al, 2005). In a society where a high number of non-vaccinated children live seems to have higher risks for vaccine preventable diseases (Smith et al, 2011). Children are less protected from disease when parent don’t immunize their children. Parents need to depend on themselves to keep their children safe from disease. Parents are rejecting valuable treatment based on misinformation on childhood misinformation (McCrimmon, 2010). Depending on other parents to vaccinate and keep their child free from disease is not a safe way to keep their child disease free. Many parents also think that since there is no spread of a disease at this time, which the risks are low. They would rather not take the chance of the effects from the vaccine. Parents who have never been through an epidemic don’t realize what the disease can do or the seriousness of the diseases (Concerns about vaccine safety, 2009).
Preventable diseases are just waiting for a chance to return (Hussain et al, 2005). Except for small pox, which we no longer vaccinate for, all diseases are still contractible (Concerns about vaccine safety, 2009). Tragic...

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