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South Englishes, North Englishes

L kuteure mpfique comment ka kanguc angkaisepeut s b t r e r

economic structure" to play a particular role in the international division of labour. The women I describe in this
article grew up speaking English in their home countries.

un outif dbppression du Sudpar Ir Nord

English in postcolonid Pakistan
"That Indian accent.. .you'll have to get rid of it if you

I have spoken English all my l$. In school, collcge.
In my social l$. At work. Even at home, most of the
time. Growing up in a middle-class urban family in
postcolonial Pakistan, English ruled our lives.


want to get anywhere in this field.. You know, you have
to learn to ...view middle of the document...

My purpose in this space is to show how the
English language is implicated in the continuing domination of the people of the Southlthe Third World by the
people of the Northlthe First World. My focus here is
women from the South, more specifically from former
British colonies such as Bangladesh,
India, Pakistan, and
Sri Lanka among others, who "choose" to emigrate to the
English-speaking countries of the North.' I suggest that
this waslis not so much a matter ofchoice, but that, in fact,
women like myself werelare "destined by the social1



Was it a mere accident that British schools in the Indian
subcontinent instilled in their students shameoftheir own
language and culture? According to Kazi, it was no accident; the goals of the British education policy were to get
political control and to produce a cost-effective administrative bureaucracy. In the early days of colonialism, the
British sought the help of British missionaries to control
the indigenous educational institutions in order to exert
their own political control. But later, with the growing
unrest against British officers in India, and in the face of
payments of heavy salaries to a bureaucracy of Englishmen, the British decided to create "an indigenous class of
a privileged few for bureaucratic jobsn (Kazi 32).
T o describe the British rationale for introducing English in India, Kazi quotes Macaulay's 1835 Minute to the
British Parliament:
In India, English is the language spoken by the ruling
class. It is spoken by the higher class of natives at the
seats of government. ;..We must do our best to form
a class who may be interpreters between us and the
millions whom we govern .... A class of persons,
Indian in blood and colour, but English in-taste, in
opinions, in morals, and in intellect. (33)
Kazi comments that a crucial part of this education
policy was that the British, through English education,
did not introduce the knowledge of economics, technology, science and politics, but instead introduced English
literature, philosophy and metaphysics in an "imitative
fashion." As a result, he continues, "students were able to
recite King Alfred or an Oxford text, but they learned
nothing of their own background and were sometimes
even unable to translate English passages into their own
vernacular languages" (33).
The main objective of the colonial educators in the
Indian subcontinent was, as Macaulay put it, "to have a
class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English
in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect." In this
objective they succeeded. My behaviour, decisions, and
perception of experiences were, and to a lesser extent still
are, influenced by my Eurocentric upbringing in a newly
decolonized society. This was a society where the older
generation had internalized the colonizer's values, and
made sure that the younger generation learnt the all-

important lesson: white is best. I grew up...

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