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Graduate education is expensive and time intensive. In spite of these factors, obtaining a Master’s degree in business (MBA) is still worth all the time and expense because of the value it serves. Having an MBA will help to make me more marketable in the health care industry and more likely to be considered for a management or administrative position. In the following pages I will discuss the reasons that, with the career goal of becoming a nurse executive, the value of an MBA degree outweighs the struggles that I may encounter while in the graduate program.
In addition to acquiring a Master’s degree in nursing, to be a successful nurse executive one must also have some knowledge of how a ...view middle of the document...

She or he also knows that a great deal of their success depends on the empowerment of others. Building a team to carry out the vision is essential because no one person can make an entire organization a success. It takes a whole team with a shared vision.
After completing the Jungian personality test I was found to be extroverted/sensing/thinking/judging. The ESTJ is described as “realistic, logical, analytical, decisive, and have a natural head for business or mechanics. You like to organize and run things. Possible career as a corporate executive, medical technologist, curator, health care administrator, teacher, dentist” (Pearson Education, Inc., 2007). I would agree that these characteristics describe me in most situations, especially in my professional life. Thomas and Gopalan (2003) discuss the relationship found between personality type and leadership behaviors. They use the four dimensions of Jung’s theory to examine this. They found that extroverts tend to have a more hands-on leadership style. They thought that sensing types focus more on facts and job related behaviors. They found that thinking types focused more on facts and less on the feelings or emotions of others and that judging types prefer planning and organizations and therefore are more likely to engage in role assignment. Many of these attributes are those that Stichler (2006) described that were needed to make a successful nurse executive. Because I possess the qualities described as making a good nurse executive, after completing the MBA program and adding to my knowledge the business aspect of a health care facility, I am likely to be successful as a nurse executive.
The major deterrents in getting my MBA include the expense and time it takes to obtain the degree. I weighed these negatives against the many positives before starting the program. First, the reported mean annual salary for chief executives in a health care facility is $128,350, which is a substantial increase from the wages I earn now as a staff nurse (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008). The increase in salary will allow for the added expense of student loans. Second, my current employer offers a tuition reimbursement plan...

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