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Value Of Mission And Mission Statement

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Aim of The PaperThe paper explores what part Mission & Mission Statement play in success of a modern organization in 21st century.IntroductionThrough the mission statement, the managers and associates in the firm attempt to clearly articulate their long-term goals and what makes their organization special and worthy of people's attention. According to Graham (2004) a mission statement thus expresses the values of the members of the organization. Haschak (2006) says that a mission statement focuses the efforts of all in the organization so that all are more likely to be "on the same page"; this better enables the firm to survive and to achieve long-term profitability and growth. This ...view middle of the document...

For a potential employee or customer, a mission statement may be a principal reason why one might seek or reject joining the firm as an employee or purchasing the firm's product or service (Graham, 2004). Thus, a mission statement communicates a description of the firm to prospective employees, customers, and other stakeholders, so that they may decide if they want to be involved with the firm.Without a mission, a person or an organization risks wasting valuable time and resources by engaging in activities that do not contribute to attaining their goals. Indeed failing organizations often waste much of their time and effort on actions that have little longterm benefit for the organization. Once an organization grows beyond the few people who can have daily face-to-face contact, it becomes important to specify and write out the firm's mission and code of conduct (Abrahams, 2005).Developing a mission statement for an organization forces the founders, top managers, and board of directors to articulate the goals of the firm in a clear, cohesive way. In a process that acknowledges the contribution of all people in the organization, these goals are then commented on by associates in the firm and are ultimately made clearer, more accurate, and more complete by an interactive process. Individuals in the organization also achieve a heightened sense of purpose when they reflect on and internalize the goals of the organization (Collins, 2004). The mission statement can be amplified by following it with important, more specific goals and objectives of the organization. Thus, the mission statement itself can be kept relatively brief, ideally, a few sentences that can be remembered, but additional important items can also be included.According to Murphy (2006) more than 90% of large firms possess a mission statement and a code of business conduct. Formulating a mission statement can be a valuable experience for the members of the group that is seeking to clarify their goals, although it is not always easy. The completed mission statement might seem to be deceptively simple, since a mission statement can be as brief as a sentence or two. But to distill the meaning of the organization or the group into those concise, meaningful sentences requires discipline, insight, patience, and cooperation.The process of coming to a consensus on the mission statement is generally a learning experience for the group. Some firms begin the drafting process during a retreat of the board. This is appropriate for a board, since the broad goals of the organization are a major responsibility of the board. But a group cannot efficiently write a mission statement together; quibbling over words can waste much time. The process will proceed better by circulating a draft written by one person, perhaps the founder, or a top manager who took notes during an initial group session. For the mission to be successful and for everyone in the organization to own that mission, it is essential that...

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