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(time )
Time goes first
Time goes slow
Times sees people die
Time sees the grass grow
Introduction:The value of time in our life and in this world knows no bound. The time has started it’s march from the very beginning of the creation of the world. This very ancient march has no end. But we have been sent to this world for a very short time . So, we have no alternative to make our life successful without the proper use of time.

The value of time: For time’s restless motion, the life is too precious to the human beings. Time is out of limit but the life is limited. In it’s one side there is birth, on the other the death waits for us. Time is constructed ...view middle of the document...

That is way, there is a wise advice,
(There is time to)
There is
a time to write
a time to listen
There is always going to be a time
But will you do something
When that time comes?

(Michelle Hyde)
Utilization of time in student life:Student life is an important life. Student life is the pre-practice of building the future. To build the life beautiful and successful the virtue which is mostly essential is the value of time. So, every student should be conscious to make the life effective and meaningful. To gain success , utilization of time must be required. If we become conscious about qualification and experience, then it will be possible to build student life successful.
Every moment of our life is very precious. Our success depends on the best use of these moments. We are students. It is our sacred duty to learn our lessons in time. If we don’t learn our lesson in time it will be a heavy burden at the time of our examination. If we don’t attend school in time, we cannot take note of the task given by our teachers. We must not neglect moments.

Negligence of moments means negligence of life. For this, we must be...

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