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Values In Business Essay

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Values in Business

Mgmt 521
October 10, 2010
John Gallaudet

Values in Business
Values serve as a guide in deciding which situations we should enter and what we should do in those situations (Kahle, 1980). Each of us then, may make different decisions when faced with the same or similar circumstances, depending upon the types of values we possess. According to Dr. Susan K. Fan, “if values define how much something is worth or the degree of importance something is to an individual or an organization, then ethics can be considered as the code of conduct” (2010, p. 135). A leader’s values and ethics are critically important to the influence the leader has on his or her followers. ...view middle of the document...

In consideration of my value system, hiring people with integrity and honesty would be very high priorities. These types of employees are more likely to understand the organization’s commitment to excellence in customer service and to work hard to maintain the customer friendly atmosphere of the stores.
Product Availability and Quality
The vision of KFF is to provide the finest in meats, produce, cheeses, and wine for its customers. Kathy Kudler has even hired specialists who advise and assist clients with their culinary needs. Similar to the vision of KFF, I believe in providing the best goods and services when operating a business. As a manager at KFF I would routinely review customer requests and suggestions for products to make sure that the store’s offerings are adequate to meet the needs of the customer base. Like Kathy Kudler, I would also make myself available to the staff and customers on an ongoing basis in an effort to monitor the changing product needs of the clientele. In an effort to achieve the vision of the organization, Kathy Kudler chooses to use only the finest organic ingredients and to avoid adding any unnecessary preservatives to the bakery goods sold at KFF. In a managerial capacity at this company, I would ensure that customers knew the care and consistency that goes into every product sold at Kudler Fine Foods. I would train and empower employees in each department to explain to customers that KFF offers only the finest quality meats, produce, cheeses, and wines.
Support for the Community
My EIA reveals me to look at benevolence as evidence of virtue in people. Benevolent people provide help or assistance to others not out of a desire for personal gain, but instead because they simply believe it is the right thing to do. Benevolent people are concerned about the well-being of others and are not usually driven by selfish motives. Kathy Kudler demonstrates the...

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