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Variety Of Family Involvement Essay

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EDU 131
Test 2
Variety of Family Involvement

In the book Home, School and community relations pages 232 – 233.

There are 6 types of involvement for parents:

1. Communicating
2. volunteering
3. Supporting learning at home
4. Decision making
5. Collaborating with the community
6. Parenting

1a. Communication is a vital part of any kind of relationship. There are several ways to communicate in child care. Sign in and out sheet. Parents are saying they have left their child at the facility at a certain time and picked them up at a certain time. The teacher is responding they have received the child from the parent at a certain time and returned the ...view middle of the document...

How great is that!? Volunteering has to be parent friendly.

3a. Supporting and learning at home has to involve creativity. A teacher must have a creative mind in order to have effective support and learning time at the home. Activities can not be homework for the parent. The teacher may send a child’s project ½ done home and ask you, the parent, to supply the child with the names of three children you went to child care or kindergarten with, and paste their names on the unfinished project and return it the next day. This allows the child to know that you were a kid. (funny). It also opens up discussion with the two. The child will began to feel comfortable asking questions like “did Janice always take your toys”? A red light should go off in the parents head. Some one is taking toys from my child. (a concern to take to the teacher).
Parents need to know that they are actively involved in their child’s development.

4a. Decision making is another one of those parent MUST be involved issues. Having a curriculum is outstanding! Parents are informed of the curriculum and what is being taught/done at the facility each month. Just giving the parent information of what YOU have come up with is not enough. The teacher must include each parent by asking them for suggestions, (suggestion box). Parents want their children to learn and to learn fast.
Teaching Spanish may be acceptable by 12 out of 15 parents. What do you do? Parents must be informed of this dilemma. And a decision has to be made. 3 parents need to know why is this important? How is their 3 year old, who can’t speak English clearly, going to learn another language? Who will teach them? Will they have to learn the language also? Once all the questions have been answered acceptably and you have been given the red light to proceed in adding Spanish to your curriculum, the parents will have a sense of appreciation because they were apart of that decision.

5a. Collaborating with the community is vital to our children’s safety. When the School is working together with the community is allows teachers and staff to better know what is needed and how to prepare the children....

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