Various Aspects To The Idea Of Management

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There are various aspects to the idea of management; however, these aspects are into four managerial topics. The four topics are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These categories allow managers to create value, organize effectiveness, monitor performance, develop innovative ideas, and drive for results. No one organization or manager can perform all of these functions on their own on a daily basis-unless they are the only one employed there. The four elements of management can be split into upper and lower tiers with responsibility and titles. The theory is that regardless of a person’s position or title, that person’s job will demand that they plan and control personnel ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, many organizations do not realize the importance or urgency of this business function. Therefore, many businesses do not spend enough time or money in this particular area. Many companies take it for granted. While, in actuality, this function should be the primary focal point of any business from the start. The organizing aspect of management affects all facets of any business. Organization determines how people will interact and the levels of power and structure. In other words, this function is who tells whom what to do and establishes authority or the pecking order.
Leadership is far more than being the fastest or first. In a business setting, a leader is defined as someone who sets standards and precedents and encourages others to follow their actions. These standards can vary due to many different factors. These factors can also vary due to different strategies and theories practiced by that manager and or organization. The role of leadership in management is largely determined by the organizational culture of the company. This function is important because it exposes the ethical values that are defined in the organization’s mission statement, and the day-to- day habits of the company and its employees. The function of leadership has a long-term trickledown effect for most organizations.

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