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Various Factors Explaining Why Boys Are Boys And Men Are Men

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Various Factors Explaining Why Boys are Boys and Men are Men

This paper is going to describe various key factors explaining why boys are boys, men are men, and how boys adapt in this male dominant society to become men. Growing up in Pensacola Florida in a single parent home wasn’t something I wished are hoped for, but something I had to adapt to. My mother, even though she couldn’t be the male role model I needed, help me understand what roles I’m expected to take as a young man. “Let the boys be boys,” was a phrase used by hip hop legends “onyx” portraying a message that boys are going to be boys no matter what. So I ask my self what makes a boy, a boy? Rambo like ...view middle of the document...

Girls on the other hand, when they reach the same age still continue to wear the pink and violets and can even wear the blues, yellows, blacks, and greens. So why can girls make the “cross-over” without being teased or mocked but boys cant without being called a gay or a fagot. The clothing issue goes farther than that. The fashion industry does make boundaries with clothing. There is women’s clothing and men’s clothing. Women can wear men’s clothing, and at times its the stylish thing to do. Young girls can dress like boys or wear boys clothing and at times will only be called a tom-boy, but that is acceptable to society. Let’s see a man in public wearing a dress, and we stop and go out of our way to break our necks just so we can get a good look. Some even have the nerve to yell obscenities and gossip out loud. Most people don’t mock ethnic men for wearing ethnic clothing that highly resembles dresses or skirts, so why don’t American society accept it with non-ethnic men that do it because they want to. As much as fashion and clothing affect the way our children think and act, much of that is advertised through their toys and the entertainment business.
When I was a young boy, my mom always bought me basketballs, baseball mitts, water guns, GI JOE figurines or video games. As opposed to a female who would receive frilly dresses, board games, water balloons, and Barbie dolls. I know I’m not alone. Millions of guys receive the same things I did and many girls received similar gifts growing up as well. Many guys were scolded for playing with girls toys because mommy and daddy said, “Those toys are for girls, go play with your GI JOE.” Parents just didn’t want to see their little boys acting like girls. Have you ever wondered why males are not for the most part very good with children? It is because they weren’t allowed to play with dolls. When children are at the age of two to seven; that is the period of their lives where they will learn the most information. That is about the age gap where many boys would like to play with dolls but are discouraged especially by their fathers to do so. If they are allowed to play with dolls, they learn how to care for the dolls and treat them well, and those are the practices females carry on into motherhood.
One of the greatest influences on children is the entertainment industry. They show us what they feel are the images we should shape ourselves after. They promote beauty, material possessions, money and power. Look at the magazines that are aimed at young woman such as Seventeen, YM, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Madamoiselle, and Glamour. The list is endless. The all show young girls, how to apply their make-up, the season’s “must have” wardrobe, horoscopes, and the perfect look. Young girls have died trying to achieve “the look” that society sees as beautiful. Young girls are told they must be beautiful, slender, and the object of a man’s desire. As corrupt as it sounds, entertainment media thrives on this and...

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