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Vark Analysis

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VARK Analysis Paper

Grand Canyon University


VARK Analysis
The V.A.R.K. questionnaire is an assessment tool utilized by students to determine their individual learning style. The objective of this assignment is to complete the questionnaire, obtain the results, and compare those results to existing conceptions of learning style. This essay will also reflect upon how educators may utilize V.A.R.K. analysis and tailor the presentation of information to meet the needs of students with varying learning styles.
What is V.A.R.K.?
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They can be very flexible and tailor their learning to the modality in which the information is being presented. Multimodal learners can also be hindered in a class that utilizes primarily one style as well. Due to the fact that to learn best by using multiple approaches. The results are fairly accurate for this author’s preferences. Live lectures and labs are without a doubt the preferred academic setting, and skills that are technical and hands on have certainly been areas of achievement. In the early stages of nursing school, this author would obtain audio samples of vocabulary for classes such as Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology so that they may be played in the background while household tasks were being performed. This was found to be very beneficial for memorization of the terms. This author’s instructors would also have the class draw diagrams of the chosen subject, which was enjoyed and found very helpful.
V.A.R.K. Applied to Teaching and Learning
In the academic setting, many instructors are now utilizing a “hybrid method” of teaching in which information is reinforced with example from all learning modalities (Wichadee, 2013). Textbook, PowerPoint presentations, narrative slides, video presentations, quizzes (standard and enhanced), case studies, and labs are all being included to make the classroom a place more conducive to all preferences (Mutiu & Maldovan, 2011).
In the professional setting, one must apply the same principles previously listed when approaching patient education. Not only should we assess health literacy, an assessment of learning preference should also be addressed. Materials for education should be presented in multiple formats such as handouts, videos, hands on demonstration, and diagrams. It is suggested that, for those with access to the internet, we provide the opportunity for follow up education via websites with additional videos, reading material, and written information on said topics (Weiss, 2010). In this author’s place of...

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