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Vark Analysis Paper

911 words - 4 pages

VARK Analysis Paper

Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V
January 20, 2013

VARK Analysis Paper
According to the VARK Questionnaire, kinesthetic is the type of learning style that is the strongest. There is a big difference in the scoring, where the highest score was kinesthetic at an 11 and the lowest score of 4 went to aural. Visual and read/write scored about the same where visual is a 5 and read/write is at a 6. Taking the VARK questionnaire has been able to bring to light a lot of issues and insecurities about preparing for assignments and exams. Knowing which learning style a person is and understanding the proper strategies for learning can help increase the knowledge base ...view middle of the document...

For example, when working on a writing assignment, listing the items that are on the grading rubric on a word document and answering them in order has helped keep the assignment on task and organized. Understanding what is to be expected on the paper has helped in researching for references.
For the participation portion of the class, reading the discussion questions first before starting the assigned reading has helped to stay focused when reading the online book. It is much preferred to have a hard copy of the book instead of going online all the time to read. It is nice to be able to highlight and save certain portions of the book to use as a reference when needed, but hard to sometimes find the information needed.
Having the strong kinesthetic preference shows that a more hands-on approach towards learning is most beneficial in retaining and understanding the information. Using all of the senses, relating the material to real-life examples, and using the trial and error approach are just a few styles the website suggests to use as a strategy for studying. The website also suggest that the “lecture notes may be poor because the topics were not ‘concrete’ or ‘relevant’” (Fleming, 2011).
It’s a little astounding just how accurate this website is, and a little frustrating that this was not discovered when going back to school six years ago. Trying to learn what was the best was to study had proved to be very challenging for this student. There are a lot of similarities between what is suggested compared to what is done. The hands-on approach and breaking information down into steps has been very successful.
Taking that extra step to add...

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