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Vark Assessment Essay

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There are several ways to determine what an individual’s learning style is. For a student to perform at their best it is helpful to know what learning style works best for them and to understand their particular learning style. The VARK module is one of the most common models used today. It was developed by Neil Fleming in 1987 as a way to assist students in learning more about their individual learning styles (Cherry, 2012). VARK stands for visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. A student can have a single learning style or multiple learning styles. If the student has multiple learning styles their learning preference would be called multimodal. The majority of ...view middle of the document...

In this case hearing seems to be a very important style for the learner it is both the core of the aural style and a portion of the kinesthetic.
The student is using some of these learning techniques already so the fact that the assessment shows a multimodal (AK) learning preference is accurate. Using the aural style the learner often records all lectures and plays them over and over to help absorb the material. Discussions are also very useful, the person talking can hear themselves repeat the material and hear it from others as well and it is that repetition that helps the learner comprehend the material. Reading over notes out loud, and reading the material given either handouts or book reading is another tool this student utilizes. One preferred method in the kinesthetic style that the learner already uses is the hands on approach. The student finds it very helpful to actually do the procedure or skill they are learning it helps the student to remember it better the next time that it is attempted. The learner needs more than an explanation they need to actually go through the steps to learn. Trial and error is another method that kind of goes along with the hands on approach. If a procedure is attempted the first time and a mistake is made then the same procedure is attempted a second time, the student has learned from the previous mistake and can make the corrections necessary to perform it correctly.
The assessment concludes that the student is a multimodal learner with the focus being on aural and kinesthetic. The student seems to use a little of each style in practice. It is most helpful to use the entire senses not just one as in the aural style for the student to gain the best learning experience possible. Visualizing the notes as they are being read out loud uses three senses sight, vision, and hearing. The student currently uses learning strategies that are...

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