Vegan Business Plan Essay

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Yummies Vegetarian Cafe
Kaplan University
AB209: Small Business Management

Business Description (Unit 2)
Yummies Vegetarian Café is a vegetarian café designed to meet the needs of today’s discriminating, health-conscious diners looking for great-tasting food… both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Yummies Vegetarian Café will serve delicious, healthy, fun food that honors the environment and harms not a single animal in the making.

Vision Statement (Unit 2)
The vision I have for Yummies Vegetarian Café is to run a small but successful local café, with the future of franchise and to write my own cookbooks. Yummies Vegetarian Café is my vision as an Executive Chef.

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Yummies is run by chef owner Kim Nelson and her sous chef and mother Patti Rittmiller, offering a home-style friendly environment. We are also part of many organizations like the homeless ministry with the Rock church in Palm Desert giving back to the community every chance we get. At this time there are no patent issues for us to worry about because our recipes will not be available to the public. Our vision for Yummies Café is to build the business to a point for franchise opportunities and educate other people of the importance to a healthy lifestyle by the way we eat.

Marketing Plan: Market Analysis (Unit 4)

Vegetarian restaurants have become more and more common in major metropolitan regions in recent years as the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles become more and more popular. Vegetarian restaurants specialize in providing meals, food, and refreshment items that are free of meat. Restaurants providing completely meat-free menus are considered vegan. While Yummies Café is a vegetarian café it does not single out the non-meat eaters and the meat eaters we will cater to all. The is the unique concept of Yummies we will offer hamburgers, ruben sandwiches and hot dogs but they will be meatless and of course yummy. Yummies will also cater to children of all ages with our fantastic selection of kids meals and yummy shakes, this will be a neat way to introduce children to not only healthy food but show them it taste just like chicken but without harming the chicken.

Yummies will offer competitive prices on breakfast and lunch; Yummies will not cater to the even crowd as we will be closed for dinner service. Yummies will offer Wi—Fi just like your local Starbucks with the difference of organic coffees, juices, smoothies and gluten free health conscious pastry’s. Yummies will cater to the lunch crowd offering lunch specials at affordable prices and delivery service unlike the local restaurants in our area.

Marketing Plan: Marketing Strategy (Unit 4)

Yummies is proposed to reach and target the following customers:
* Teens, students and young adults
* Families and children
* Seniors
* Empty nesters
* Tourists
* Vegetarians
* Eco-conscious people
* Business people
* Gay community
* Lunch break crowd
* Health and Fitness crowd
Yummies will use the multi-segmented strategy by targeting the morning crowed looking to start their day with a fresh cup of organic java or smoothie while delighting theme self’s in one of our health conscious gluten free pastry items. In the afternoon we will offer specials to fit the customer looking to save a buck while receiving fresh great food. Yummies will also offer a fast track concept for the seniors who need to get a quick bite to eat but are not able to stay for a long time.

Yummies market strategy will be to advertise to all the local yoga studios, local businesses, health and fitness centers, wellness centers, senior homes, and...

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