Vices Of Criminology Students In University Of Mindanao Basis For Intervention

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Chapter 1
Background of the Study
A man who troubles himself or belongings; or look for his own pleasure is more likely vices (Spooner, 2006). Students are the most common drinkers, smokers and drug takers than the laypeople which may be influenced bypeer pressure, cheap bars and the living freely away from home. (NHS Choices, 2014)
Atkin,Hocking& Block (2006) said that youth who sees more television and magazine ads of beer, wine, and liquor usually drink more and expected that they will begin drinking just like social impact of advertising, advertising for alcoholic beverages, influences adolescents. Alcohol abuse has been associated to intimate partner violence (IPV).There were 440 ...view middle of the document...

Between 2000 and 2003, students does not usually smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products or be exposed to SHS in some public places, or accepts some “free” cigarettes by a tobacco company yet to support bans on smoking in public places, learning in schools and the media about the health hazards of using tobacco. Unfortunately, in a current study, 50% of young men and 10% of young women are becoming smokers and only few are stopping, in which the deaths will increase for about 5 million in 2010 up to more than 10 million in a few decades, as the young smokers of today will reach their middle and old age (Jha&Peto, 2014).Usage rates of such vices are high. It is of common thought that engaging in vices has some effects on a student academic performance, specifically college students. But what effects are these? Is it all negative, or are there some positive effects? Are the students aware of the effects?

Statement of the Problem
This research study will be conducted to determine the level of Vices among criminology students in University of Mindanao. Specifically it sought answers to the following questions:

What are the vices among students in College of Criminal Justice Education:
Hard drinking
What are the effects of smoking and alcohol abuse on academic performances?
2.1 Unhealthy
2.2 Lack of interest
2.3 Prone to crimes
Which strategies can be developed to prevent substance abuse among students?
3.1 Family Guidance
3.2 Health Orientation
3.3 Rehabilitation
Is there a significance difference on the level of vices acquired by the Criminology Students when analyzed by gender?
Ho1. There are no significance differences on the level of vices acquired by the Criminology Students when analyzed by gender.

Review of Related Literature
The following are the related literature and studies gathered from books, magazines, newspapers, articles, internet and other reading materials to give a sufficient background and framework of the investigation.
Alcohol and drug abuse are among the major risk factors for suicide. The harmful use of alcohol is a global problem, which is associated with many serious individual and social consequences. In addition to the chronic diseases that may develop in those who drink large amounts of alcohol over a long period of time, a significant proportion of the disease burden is the result of intentional and unintentional injuries, such as violent behaviors, suicides, and traffic accidents (Darvishi, Farhadi, Haghtalab&Poorolajah, 2015).
A woman's use of alcohol during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), a combination of physical, neurological, and cognitive/behavioral abnormalities that has serious, lifelong ramifications for the child. Still pregnant women continue to consume alcohol with recently reported prevalence estimates of FASD on the increase (Osterman, 2011).
Alcohol is often used to modulate mood states. Alcohol...

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