Victims Of Bullying, Mental Health, And Nursing

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Paper 3 - Victims of Bullying, Mental Health, and Nursing
Victims of bullying are at a high risk of developing various types of mental illnesses, and the evidence on this topic in the research literature can be used to inform psychiatric nursing practice. The available studies on mental health and its connection to bullying victims shows that preventing mental illness and promoting mental health involves a comprehensive approach, using combination of techniques that must be implemented by many stakeholders. The information that comes from these studies suggests that psychiatric nursing must take research findings into account. It also suggests that nurses have a definite role to play in ...view middle of the document...

, 2010). Ivarsson, Broberg, Avidsson, and Gilerg (2005) supported this contention, with interviews of victims of bullying and bullies themselves; both tended to report having higher than average externalizing depression symptoms, internalizing symptoms, and higher than average frequencies of suicidal ideation. Victims were more likely to report having had prior assessments and diagnoses of mental health issues by mental health care providers, even before they had been bullied, showing the bidirectional relationship (Ivarsson et al., 2005).
Depression has been found to be the most common mental health issue linked to bullying reported in the research literature, but it is not the only one. Although nearly one-third of teens, according to a study by Fleming and Jacobsen (2009), reported feelings of being sad or experiencing hopelessness at least one a month, victims of bullying were more highly represented within the group reporting these symptoms. Ivarsson et al. (2005) also found that victims tended to show lower levels of social functioning, and higher overall mental illness symptom counts when compared to the non-bullied teen population. Bullying victimization often can lead to individuals becoming bullies themselves, and those people that have followed this pattern are, according to Seeds et al. (2010), more likely to show evidence of behavioral and developmental disorders, including attention span deficits. Xu, Jun, Zhu, and Bellmore (2011) found that bullying victims who experienced bullying in real life or through the Internet were more likely to report anxiety, depression, low self-worth, loneliness, and suicidality, and higher severity of symptoms related to these issues compared to individuals that were not bullied, and the bullying victims also tended to have higher frequencies of physical ailments and illnesses. Xu et al. (2011) proposed that the adverse mental health effects associated with bullying would lead to psychosomatic illness, and could also generate stress leading to weaker immune systems, which was why the physical illness frequency seemed to correlate with mental illnesses following bullying.
While many studies on bullying and mental health have focused on symptomatology, others have been related to prevention of symptoms, maintenance of mental health, and rehabilitation for victims. O'Keefe and Clarke-Pearson (2011) determined that two of the steps that had to be taken in order to rehabilitate bullied teens were to ensure that their teachers, parents, and other adults corresponded with nurses and mental health professionals about the teen's case, and had access to accurate information on bullying, and that teens were taught strategies by mental health care providers that would help them to avoid considering certain bullying behaviors as consequential, and to be able to compartmentalize bullying behaviors that could be reported, but that should not affect the victim's self-esteem. Maintaining academic continuity is...

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