Victims Of Hate Crimes And Racial Prejudice

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Do you believe that the establishment of terrorism as a crime that can be committed domestically has changed policing? How? Why? Provide examples.
Yes, I believe so.
How- by the passing of patriotic act by the congress Why in order to respond to terrorist attacks the act allowed federal officials to trace and intercept communication that might be useful in prevention of terrorist attack. In addition, the powers to reorganization of counter terrorism policing and increase of police powers. Another reason as to why it has brought change is by bringing about the restructuring of local police and the federal state agencies, and new refocusing of resources (Riley & Hoffman, 1995).
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Nevertheless, this applies to both men and women of all ages this has especially increased due to the September 11 bombing.
Context under which racial profiling occurs include while driving, while walking, while travelling through airport, while doing shopping, while at home, and while travelling to places of worship. However, no substantial action taken to curb the humiliating act that causes devastation emotional stress to its victim’s (online source http/
Example is the restriction of the Muslim boy who was only eight years at the airport at Oklahoma for carrying a derby car made of pinewood. The security official dismantled the boy’s toy car after searching him.
Another example the case of Kimberly a Muslim American woman who was taken in for questioning and asked on her views on the war in Iraq and accused of being in the country illegally and belonging to a terrorist gang.
What laws and services are available for victims of racial profiling?
Racial profiling can be defined as the belief that an individual belonging to a certain race will commit a certain crime or behave in a certain manner. Mostly government agencies and police or those in authority execute racial profiling. It occurs to individuals of all races, which make it essential for people to know the racial profiling laws.
It is a racial profiling crime, for a cop to arrest a group of young black men or even search them for paraphernalia and end up finding nothing. Similarly, a police officer who pulls over a track full of white men in an African American neighborhood assuming that there want to start trouble has also committed a racial profile crime.
other laws of racial profiling are the enactment of “The end of Racial Profiling Act of 2010” according to this law prohibit the law enforcement officer from arresting or harassing a person based on his race religion and nation of origin. According to this law this factors should not be the basis on which the law enforcement officers rely on when carrying out an experiment. Example of these laws “neither police nor any federal agent is allowed to take part in racial profiling” ERPA 2010 (PROHIBITION act). According to this law the police, FBI and all other federal agencies should not engage any one while investigating terrorism act while relying on the race of that person nor his religion. The law also provides a channel through which victims of racial profiling can follow to forward their case racial profiling (
What other actions might be taken on behalf of victims of racial profiling?
Encouraging victims of racial profiling to report on cases of harassment, most victims are afraid of retribution and constant threats on their families. All jurisdictions should pass...

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