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Video Game Are Not Violent Essay

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Video Games Do Not Promote Violence
In America 68% of households have a gaming console of some kind. Many people in the world today play video games. Some video games are violent war games, others are racing games, or games of mass creation. Many people feel that violent video games can promote or cause many things such as, violence, bullying, theft, school shootings, and vandalism. In some games, for example, in Grand Theft Auto 5 a player can run around a city stealing cars, killing people for bounties, driving recklessly, using drugs, and going to risqué places such as strip clubs. Critics feel that games like this happen to encourage bad behavior in teens, but it doesn’t. There is no study on people who play video games being more likely to part take in violence then non-gamers. The games give people something to do when they are bored, these games keep people from running around the streets of their town wreaking havoc. ...view middle of the document...

The average gamer is 35, the significance there is that there are more adults playing violent games than teens and children. Playing videogames are somewhat positive a thing. Parents know their child(ren) is/are safe sitting in the house playing a video game instead roaming around town. Teens stay inside while playing, and can even play online, or invite a few friends over to join them, which keeps more kids off the streets and out of trouble.
Another reason video games are not a bad influence on teens is because their parents buy the games. The average game purchaser is 39 years old. The parents who disagree with violent videogames should not buy them for their kids. Most games with violence are rated M for mature. Only people 18 and above can purchase these games, so an adult would need to buy the game and then distribute it to the teen for the teen to be exposed to video game violence. With that being said teens should be playing games with minimal violence, the T for teen rating has games that are perfect for teenagers that do not include suggestive themes.
Video games are relaxing for most teens. Studies show that playing video games have a slight calming effect on youths with attention deficit disorder and helped to reduce aggressive, bullying behavior. The researchers found no link between the playing of violent video games and increased delinquent misconduct or bullying in children with attention deficit symptoms. Some games get anger out, they help blow off steam, and calm a teenager. I feel that shooting games get my aggressiveness out. Video games do not promote violence in anyway it is what the teen decides to do. It’s not like the game yells at the teen to go make a like full of crime.
Video game violence does not encourage everyday violence. It keeps teens inside and off the streets. Video games have ratings and they should be followed so there isn’t a large exposure to violence. Lastly games calm teens down, they let them release their feelings with out harming or anyone/themselves or bothering anyone. Many may still argue that video games poison children’s minds, but I feel it’s just a form of entertainment which most teens enjoy. Violence in games are not the tings causing real life violence.

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