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Video Games Essay

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Impact of Violent Video Games
There are two sides of the argument of what violent video games have on the youth of America. Some believe that violent video games have negative affects and produce social violence. At the same time there are those who believe that violent video games have positive effects. From my experience with violent video games I take no side in this argument. I would like to present a neutral view on this topic by showing you the positive and negative effects of violent video games. For years, psychologists have been arguing which is more important in a child’s life: genetics or how the child is raised. By looking at what the child is allowed to view and do gives ...view middle of the document...

It teaches the teen that by working hard and not giving up, they can accomplish their goals in life. This allows for the teen to have a better sense of self-worth. (
From a physical stand point, the controller operation has allowed greater advancement in technology by making surgical procedures a “virtual world.” This surgical world has led to advancements in surgical techniques as well as develops the dexterity of a new breed of surgeon. These improvements have carried over into the military and use of remote drones. Video games have taught teens from previous years how to be current soldiers. These soldiers are able to fight in reality by using skills and lessons taught in video game virtual reality. (
For every argument for the positive side of violent video games, there is a negative side. For the idea of dealing with aggression and stress relief, an argument could be made that teens are taught aggressive behaviors by playing video games. It’s not just beating your opponent, but it’s doing it in a way that is most graphic and horrific. For the argument that that it allows teens to have an outlet...

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