Video Games And Child Violence Essay

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Creativity is important in today’s society and researchers try to figure out how and why in this correlational study. The objective for this project was to figure out if there was a connection between the use of technologies and the link it has with a child’s creativity. Video games, the internet, computers, and cell phones were the few variables that were being tested. Surprisingly, video games were the only one of them to show any correlation. In this study, researchers acquired 491 children to participate and also their parents in some parts to help for additional information to benefit their research. The most reliable and trusted test used for this study was The ...view middle of the document...

Afterward was where the socio economic topic came into place, and where the family income was gathered, as well as their race, gender, and age. Only Caucasians and African Americans were used. The study was done by six undergraduates with a graduate student watching over them. To conclude their study, the researchers averaged all six of their ratings. The correlations from all of the measures turned out negative except for video games which had a correlation with creativity. The students split them between violent, action and adventure, racecar driving, interpersonal, and other games that did not have any type of connectivity to the categories. The technological activities were all related to each other somehow. They used this to compare with computation thinking. It seemed as if the only kind of help video games provided was a way of interacting with a computer. They noticed this with men in their 30’s. These men tended to be non-social, overweight, non-dependable, degrading the fact that video games enhanced one’s capability to raise their creativity. Again, since this was correlational research, there was no cause and effect relationship, so there was no way in which the researchers could say that one was the reason of the other but that the video games gratified the child which made them think differently than one who did not. They still hope to one day come to the conclusion that it does cause the other, if so, the creators of the video game will become more attentive when making the game hoping to improve it.
Today, something people need to notice about popular press articles is that not all of the information is noted. That reason in itself is how people can misinterpret some things they read. This correlational study was done by researchers at Michigan State University. The objective of this study was to determine if the use of cell phones, internet, computers, and video games had an effect on a child’s creativity and ability to interpret things in different ways. The children were given an assessment to test their creative ability. The researchers...

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