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Video Games and Violence When you think of video games, do you think they could cause the destruction of our society? But video games have slowly become more and more violent. The first such game to demonstrate this is a game called Mortal Kombat. The object of this game is to kill your opponent by beating him to death. When he is you can finish him off by ripping his head off, ripping his spine out, or burning him to a pile of ash. Then there are other games that teach you to break the law. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Postal are games that show the player breaking the law and getting points for it. Another thing wrong with violence in games is addiction that will build up. With all of ...view middle of the document...

In the game, you steal a car, and then call your bosses and get different jobs, all of which are illegal activities. While you are doing these activities, the police chase you; if you turn on the police and kill them, you receive huge amounts of points. The object of the game is to get points by breaking the law. Is it ethical to reward someone for breaking the law? Another such game that encourages people to break the law is Postal, a game that demonstrates extreme violence. The point of this game is to kill everyone; you get points for each killed person. At the end of the game, you commit suicide, making a joke out of a real life situation that was very sad.Yet another way video games desensitize children to violence is by showing it to them over and over (Van Horn 173). In many video games today, the violence is constant, showing everything from blood and guts flowing to body parts flying. For example, in games like Doom and Mortal Kombat, the players fight the enemy and kill them in any way they can. In Mortal Kombat, with each punch, blood flies, and after ripping a head off, blood gushes out of the body. We must ask if this what we want our children seeing.Another aspect that makes video games harmful is the anti-social attitude they create in a young child's mind. Patricia Greenfield, a professor of psychology at UCLA, did a study on video games. She found that playing video games promoted social problems in children. When playing video games, a child is not socializing with other children around them (Buechner and Quittner 50). The study shows that these children do not develop the social skills needed to survive in today's world, where it is necessary to be able to socialize with people. This hinders the children, because they will not know how to act around people because they were playing video games.In addition, video games can very addictive. One psychologist states that intense video game players show some similar symptoms to people who take drugs. The same neurotransmitter that is believed to be the master molecule of addiction is produced while playing video games (Buechner and Quittner 50). Other say that the high you feel from adrenaline, produced by the suspense in playing the game, in addictive. They also say that the easiest way to get your adrenaline flowing threatened with the idea of death. When you are running for your life, as in violent video games, your body will produce more adrenaline, making violent games more addictive. A poll was taken that showed that children would put off chores and homework by 37%, and put off family activities by 18 % to play video games. This shows that these addictions are causing children to put off doing more healthy things (Buechner and Quittner 50).Another problem with these games is that children look up to video game characters as role models (Grossman 54). Back before video games, a child would emulate his or her parents and look up to them for inspiration and goals. Now, kids look...

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