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Jennifer Cypher
Thursday, April 4, 2013
Safety at York University Campus
Part C:
Part D:
My research question is “How does York University satisfy the needs of student’s safety that attend the campus.” First I will begin to define the terms “satisfy”, “need”, and “safety” in order to have a clear understanding of what my research topic. When I am addressing the term “satisfy” I mean in what ways of precaution does the university up hold to make them feel at ease throughout the day, the feeling of no fear against any man or woman, what type of protection is the university giving to the students. My second term is discussing the “needs” of students and by this I mean what are the different ways the campus is has provided to students such as posters, emails and safety tips on the bulletin board. The last term is “safety” and by this I mean through protection by security guards, increasing more cameras ...view middle of the document...

I am also interested in this topic because I am interested in knowing what time of the day most crimes take place, what is the president of the university doing to prevent these crimes and what are the reactions of students and their personal views. Within this topic my main goal is to determine whether students feel safer in the morning verse the evening hours. (Morning: 6:30 am-9am and evening hours: 5:30pm-12:00am)
The research methods that I used to conduct my topic was through the use of qualitative research because it deals with human behaviour and asks the question of why and how of the participants decision making. Certain data collections I created were short survey/ interview questions, along with field notes during each handout. I chose this type of method because it would be quick and efficient to hand out to the students. Another method I chose was to hand out my

Hate Crimes on Campus: Racial/Ethnic Diversity and Campus Safety
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2. Assessing the Effect of Routine Activity Theory and Self-Control on Property, Personal, and Sexual Assault Victimization
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Examining the Role of Gender in the Prevalence of Campus Victimization, Perceptions of Fear and Risk of Crime, and the Use of Constrained Behaviors among College Students Attending a Large Urban University
Journal of Criminal Justice Education (June 2011), 22 (2), pg. 181-202
Elizabeth A. Tomsich; Angela R. Gover; Wesley G. Jennings

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